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Upcoming Hackathon

Celo Africa DAO in partnership with Bunzz

Registration: July 25th - July 29th 2023


Start date: Aug 1st 2023

End date: Aug 21st 2023

Rewards: 5000 USD



Join the Celo Africa DAO Hackathon in partnership with Bunzz. This hackathon provides an avenue to contribute meaningful solutions to the blockchain community while having an immersive and enjoyable experience in real-world blockchain problem-solving. 

Our goal is to build meaningful value for the blockchain community. The top 5 solutions will share a prize pool of $5000+, rewarding those who have made significant strides in blockchain development.

Problem Statement:

Hackers are expected to build on Celo and deploy smart contracts to the Celo Network through Bunzz

Tracks -

  • DeFi

  • NFT/Art/Gaming

  • Social Good

  • E-commerce

  • All Things Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Get on-chain rewards and proof of work 

Each winner will be rewarded with USDC directly paid to their wallet. Each participant, who submitted a project will receive an NFT as proof of their work.

🎤 Top 10 finalists will have the opportunity to pitch live at the BNUG event in August - it's a hybrid experience you won't want to miss! 🎉

Access to learning opportunities

This hackathon is powered by EkoLance and you will have access to learning events to help you become a better hacker and give you the knowledge and skills to win hackathons.


We encourage applications under the following project tracks:

1. Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Develop solutions that leverage blockchain technology for decentralized financial systems.

2. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Art & Gaming: Create unique digital assets, platforms for artists, or blockchain-based games.

3. Social Good: Use blockchain to address societal issues, providing transparent and secure solutions for social good.

4. E-commerce: Innovate new methods for secure, efficient, and decentralized e-commerce platforms.

5. All Things Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies: Explore and innovate in any other area of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Join us as we build, learn, and innovate, reshaping the future of blockchain technology together. Let's transform challenges into opportunities and create the next big thing in the blockchain space!

Hackathon Phases

Idea Submission: Hackers are invited to fill out the form to share their project ideas. Tell us what you would like to build using CELO's cutting-edge technology and the Bunzz platform. We're excited to hear your creative solutions!

Project Filtering: Our expert panel will carefully review all submissions and filter projects based on specific criteria. We are looking for projects with the potential to make a real impact and align with the goals of the CELO X Bunzz community.

Hacking Phase: Once the projects that meet our criteria are selected, the teams behind them will move to the hacking phase. This is where the real action happens! You'll have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life and build your project with the support of our mentors and resources.

Submission Rules:

To ensure fairness and maintain the integrity of the hackathon, please adhere to the following submission rules. Projects will only be considered valid for evaluation if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Originality: Submissions must be the original work of the participating team. Plagiarism or the use of pre-existing projects will lead to disqualification.

  2. Web3 Focus: Projects should be centered around Web3 technologies, such as blockchain, decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, or other relevant areas within the Web3 ecosystem.

  3. Working Deployment Link: Each submission must include a working deployment link that allows judges to interact with the project. Ensure that the link remains active and accessible throughout the evaluation period.

  4. Deployed Contract Address : You must provide the addresses of deployed contracts on the relevant blockchain network(s). This will allow us to verify the functionality of your contracts.

  5. GitHub Repository: Include a link to the GitHub repository of your project. The repository should contain all the code and resources related to your project.

  6. Readme Documentation: Provide comprehensive documentation in the project's README file. Include instructions on how to set up the repository locally, dependencies required, and any other relevant details that can help evaluators understand and run your project.

  7. No Plagiarism: Ensure that your submission does not violate intellectual property rights or contain unauthorized use of third-party code or assets. All resources used should be properly attributed and licensed.

  8. Submissions will be done on techFiesta

Note: Hackers are expected to build on Celo and deploy smart contracts to the Celo Network through Bunzz

Registration & Submission process

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Use this registration Link to register for the hackathon 

Register for the hackathon

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Join the techFiesta Dicord server 

 coordinate in the Celo & Bunzz Hackathon channel 

Join the Discord server to find a team and/or to ask questions

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Register on techFiesta as participant and get access to submit your project before the deadline on 21.08.2023

Submit your project on techFiesta

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  • Slack
  • CeloOrg
  • CeloNigeria
  • CeloKenya


  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Discord

Hackathon events

Watch and participate in the hackathon events to gain more information about the hackathon and how to be successful in it.

celo and bunzz hackathon informative session thumbnail (1).png

Information session for Celo x Bunzz Hackathon

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