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Upcoming Hackathon

Gnosis Chain Hackathon

Start date: 30th August, 2023  
End date: 25th September, 2023

Rewards:  5 Winners with 400 USDC each



Gnosis Chain and techFiesta are excited to invite you to participate in the Gnosis Chain Hackathon, an online hackathon where builders can showcase their innovations to build on the Gnosis Chain.

Get on-chain rewards and proof of work 

Each winner will be rewarded with stable coins directly paid to their wallet. Each participant, who submitted a project will receive an NFT as proof of their work.

🎤 There will be 5 winners, who will be rewarded with 400 USDC each.

Access to learning opportunities

This hackathon is powered by EkoLance and you will have access to learning events to help you become a better hackathon and give you the knowledge and skills to win hackathons.


Problem Statement:  Innovate on Gnosis Chain.

We appreciate an impressive vision, an effective use case, and give additional points for a viable business model.

Build anything you like, and feel free to get inspired by these examples.


🤖 AI
Take advantage of Gnosis Chain’s decentralization and low network fees for your AI project. Demonstrate the power of AI on Gnosis Chain for a chance to win the AI bounty. Dynamic AI-powered NFTs, distributed labeling, training, model marketplaces, anything is possible. Be creative (don’t just build one more pay-for-GPT app).

🌉 Hashi
Hashi is an EVM Header Oracle Aggregator designed to facilitate a principled approach to cross-chain bridge security. The primary insight is that most bridge-related security incidents could have had a minimal impact if the systems relying on them had built in some redundancy. In other words, requiring messages to be validated by multiple independent mechanisms, rather than just one, is much more secure. Be creative!
Help Hashi build more tooling before a mainnet launch: Off-chain actors for coordination, Cross-chain explorer, Proofs on blockheaders using Axiom or other tools, SDK for message passing and Hashi querying, simple example UIs that showcase the use of the above

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Click on the button below to join our kick-off event.
Date: Wednesday, 30/08/2023
Time: 12 pm CET
Venue: Zoom

Registration & Submission process

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Join the techFiesta Dicord server 

 coordinate in the Gnosis Chain Hackathon channel 

Join the Discord server to find a team and/or to ask questions

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Register on techFiesta as participant and get access to submit your project before the deadline on 20.09.2023

Register & Submit your project on techFiesta

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