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Upcoming Hackathon

Building on the HUMAN Protocol

Start date: 20.07.2023

End date: 10.08.2023

Rewards: 2000 USD

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HUMAN Protocol and techFiesta are excited to invite you to participate in the HUMAN Hackathon, an online hackathon where builders can showcase their innovations to build on the HUMAN Protocol.

2 Problem statements

You can pick to work on one of the two problem statemens, or work on both problem statements. Each winner will earn 1000 USD in USDC (stable coins)

Get on-chaIn rewards and proof of work

Each winner will be rewarded with stable coins directly paid to their wallet. Each participant, who submitted a project will receive an NFT as proof of their work.

Access to learning opportunities

This hackathon is powered by EkoLance and you will have access to learning events to help you become a better hackathon and give you the knowledge and skills to win hackathons. 


1. Worldcoin Human Protocol 

2. Humangram 

3. Human Ledger Signer 

4. Proof of HUMANity Biometrics DApp 


5. Video: Watch the video for a visual demonstration of the Fortune app's features and capabilities.


6. Walkthrough: Follow the walkthrough to explore a step-by-step guide on how the Fortune app operates.

This training will take place over the course of 7 weeks. Every week, you will interact with industry experts, and also be able to practice your skills on real-life projects which would be included in your practical experience. The table below describes the agenda of the Web3 Marketing Training

Outline Marketing in Web3 Training.png

The table below describes the agenda of the Web3 Marketing Training

Problem Statements

Problem Statement 1:

Proof of Humanity SDK Integration: Streamlining Bot Protection Services


Develop an SDK for the innovative Bot Protection Services called Proof of Humanity, provided by the HUMAN Protocol. The goal is to create a cohesive platform by integrating these open-source repositories: Worldcoin Human Protocol, Humangram, Human Ledger Signer, and Proof of HUMANity Biometrics DApp.


The SDK should allow users to choose their preferred method of proving their HUMANity, such as utilizing the Worldcoin Human Protocol, Humangram visual representations, Human Ledger Signer for blockchain transaction signing, or the Proof of HUMANity Biometrics DApp for biometric authentication.

Problem Statement 2:

Develop an end-to-end example application, similar to the Fortune app, that utilizes the HUMAN Protocol's software development kit (SDK) available at


The Fortune app serves as a reference application for understanding the functionality of HUMAN Protocol's SDK. It functions as a job launcher and incorporates all the essential components of the HUMAN Protocol. 

Your task is to propose and develop an example application that encompasses the functionality of the Fortune app, leveraging the HUMAN Protocol's SDK.

Registration & Submission process

Join a group of marketing professionals and become a certified Web3 Marketer

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Use this registration form to register for the hackathon 

Register for the hackathon

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Join the techFiesta Dicord server 

 coordinate in the Human Protocol Hackathon channel 

Join the Discord server to find a team and/or to ask questions

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Register on techFiesta as participant and get access to submit your project before the deadline on 10.08.2023

Submit your project on techFiesta

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Hackathon events

Watch and participate in the hackathon events to gain more information about the hackathon and how to be successful in it.

HUMAN protocol hackathon on techFiesta.jpeg

Information session for HUMAN Protocol Hackathon

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