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Come with us to the Metaverse

When? 15th December 2022,

starting at 4PM WAT / CET

EkoLance is hosting an exclusive event in Decentraland!

Visit our event space in Decentraland and find out more about our plans to build the first Training and Recruitment Hub in the Metaverse


Participate in our first ever Training Session in the Metaverse on the topic: "How to build events in Decentraland"


Have fun by creating your avatar, taking selfies, meeting other cool people and experiencing the Metaverse!

EkoLance Building in Decentraland.png

Get Ready for the Metaverse

How to access the EkoLance event

in Decentraland

After you register for the event we will send you a link to Decentraland.


You can access the event only on your laptop.

You will need:

  • A Metamask Wallet

  • A Metamask Extension installed on your browser

  • A laptop/PC with 4GB RAM minimum, Intel HD/UHD 9th gen GPU minimum (Graphic Processing Unit)

  • Stable connection

Learn how to take selfies and how to move your Avatar in Decentraland.

During the Event

Selfie Competition!

  • Snap a selfie and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #EkoLanceEpicMetaParty

  • The best 3 selfies will win 20 USDC

Brand Ambassador & Speaker Post (17).png

Training Session on the Topic:

"Start Building in Decentraland with the DCL-Edit" 

Powered by The MGH DAO

The DCL-Edit is a helpful tool that The MGH DAO created to improve your workflow when creating scenes in Decentraland. It has been specifically made to overcome the limitations of the Official Decentraland builder and is the perfect solution for working with the Decentraland SDK. 

Tool Website
Link to the Builders community

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