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A Community Manager Who Went From No Gigs, To Three Blockchain Jobs After Training with EkoLance

Sultan Mahmud, a blockchain professional that struggled with his blockchain career, but everything changed for him after he enrolled in EkoLance training. He got 3 blockchain jobs, built his own community from scratch and gets frequent freelance writing gigs from blockchain projects.
Sultan Mahmud

Meet Sultan Mahmud, a Web3 professional who has been in the blockchain industry since 2017. He struggled to progress in his career, but all that changed after he took two EkoLance courses: blockchain content creation and community management.

Sultan now has three blockchain jobs. Wow! What happened? How come the sudden transformation? Could it be that all he needed was just the right Web3 training to hone his skills all along? Well, keep reading; you will find out soon, but let’s first understand what motivated him to join the blockchain space and how his journey started in 2017.