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From Fashion to Blockchain: The Inspiring Career Journey of Olasubomi

A picture of Olasubomi looking confident and successful in her career. She successfully transitioned from Fashion to Blockchain and she is so happy. EkoLance made this possible through its Web3 training programs for professionals.
Olasubomi Oduntan

Olasubomi had always been interested in social media and content creation, and she worked in fashion before the blockchain, but she wasn't passionate about it. She felt exhausted after a few years because she wasn't motivated anymore. She took a long career break and tried out several jobs to find a career she loves.

A friend of Olasubomi messaged her on a fateful day. He suggested she apply for EkoLance's training. It was community management then. She didn't know anything about blockchain, but she read that the program was meant to help professionals from emerging countries transition into the industry.

This made her interested in the training session and she applied for it. She got accepted and they were trained by industry experts for 6 weeks on how to manage a crypto community, handle crises within a community, and the strategies successful community managers use.

The participants were grouped into teams where they were asked to create a community and apply all they were taught to grow the community. This gave them hands-on experience that helped them to build practical skills and knowledge that they can apply in the workplace.

After six weeks, Olasubomi got certified in community management. A few weeks later, EkoLance released another free training session for aspiring blockchain content creators. Since she is passionate about social media management and content creation, Olasubomi enrolled and got accepted.

She took the training and she confessed that applying for this training was one of the best decisions she made in 2022. The courses were an eye-opener and she never imagined she could learn so much within a short time.

Even though she knew very little about blockchain, she never felt lost because the training was structured in a way that covered everything she needed to know about the industry, from its basics to its complexities. The tutors were experienced and were always available to answer her questions and provide guidance. Olasubomi was also able to interact and learn from her fellow learners, which made the experience more enriching.

What was even more surprising for Olasubomi was the flexibility of the course. As someone who was already doing little jobs that fetched her money to sustain herself, she was worried about how she would balance her job and the training, but EkoLance made it so easy for her. The training was flexible enough to accommodate her schedule, which made it a smooth and seamless process.

“After the training, I found something to believe in. I now have a whole lot to contribute to the blockchain space, even though I had no prior knowledge about the space before now. EkoLance made me employable by blockchain companies and projects. My research skills were honed too”— Olasubomi Oduntan

Olasubomi became a different person after the 12-week training. She now had the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the blockchain space. She felt empowered and confident in her abilities, and it wasn't long before she landed two jobs that paid her well in the industry.

She now works as a brand manager at CIVAI, where she is in charge of social media management and project management. She also works as an intern at O2K, a consulting company that helps businesses and individuals navigate through all types of crypto assets and their international tax treatment. She got this job opportunity through EkoLance. Her role is to contribute to writing articles and managing social media platforms. She has also become an NFT enthusiast and hopes to delve deeper into the world of NFTs in the future.

Olasubomi's experience with EkoLance was not just life-changing, it was also rewarding. She was one of the Tier 2 bounty winners, which consisted of 5 people who were outstanding during the content creation training. The bounty was sponsored by MetaGameHub DAO, a metaverse project, and Olasubomi, and the other 4 winners were given $100 each for their efforts. In an interview session with Olasubomi, we asked her how she would describe EkoLance in one sentence.

“EkoLance is a benevolent communal space for training that positions you for entering and thriving in the Web3 space”— Olasubomi Oduntan

For Olasubomi, her career journey with EkoLance has been nothing short of amazing. The training program was instrumental in her transition into the blockchain industry, and she now has a passion for the space that she never thought possible. She would highly recommend EkoLance to anyone looking to transition into the industry or advance in their Web3 career.


Valuable Lessons to learn from Olasubomi's career story:

Olasubomi holding the xmas package she received from EkoLance
Olasubomi holding the xmas package she received from EkoLance

The importance of finding a passion: Olasubomi found her true passion in the blockchain industry after realizing her disinterest in fashion.

The power of upskilling: Through EkoLance training, Olasubomi acquired the right knowledge and skills she needed to succeed in the blockchain industry.

The value of community to professionals in Web3: Olasubomi was able to connect with other like-minded individuals during her training and build relationships that helped her grow in her career.

The importance of perseverance: Despite having no prior knowledge of blockchain, Olasubomi was able to succeed in the industry through hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn.


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