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Upcoming Hackathon

The HUB Metaverse Innovation Challenge

Start date: 25th September 2023
End date: 10th November 2023


1st Place:  $1500 value in $MGH token + coaching + networking

2nd Place: $1000 value in $MGH token + coaching

3rd Place:  $500 value in $MGH token

All participants: THE HUB X TECHFIESTA Participation Token



MGH and techFiesta are excited to invite you to participate in the MGH Hackathon, an online hackathon where builders can showcase their innovations to build on the MGH.

Target Group (Skills):

  • Blockchain technology developers 

  • Virtual reality builders

  • AI and ML developers

  • Game developers

  • UI/UX Designers

  • 3D modelers

Problem Statement:  

The Hub invites all innovators and creators to participate in our Metaverse Innovation Challenge. We are looking for innovative solutions that can enhance the capabilities of Decentraland (DCL) and its avatar models, as well as the Metaverse Explorer/Valuation tool.



  • DCL-Edit

  • Avatar Model

  • Metaverse Explorer/Valuation Tool

Get on-chain rewards and proof of work 

Each winner will be rewarded with stable coins directly paid to their wallet. Each participant, who submitted a project will receive an NFT as proof of their work.

🎤 Rewards:

1st Place:  $1500 value in $MGH token + coaching + networking

2nd Place: $1000 value in $MGH token + coaching

3rd Place:  $500 value in $MGH token

All participants: THE HUB X TECHFIESTA Participation Token




As a participant in THE HUB X TECHFIESTA HACKATHON, you are about to embark on a journey like no other. To make your adventure even more exciting and exclusive, we present to you the prestigious HUB X TECHFIESTA HACKATHON Attendance Token – your golden key to unlock a world of limitless possibilities.


Token Benefits:


VIP Access to Product Launches: With your token, you’ll gain early and exclusive access to THE HUB’s groundbreaking product launches. Be the first to try all the new product releases from THE HUB and be rewarded as an early tester.


Unlimited Access to Metaverse Explorer: Get lifetime free access to our Metaverse Explorer.


NFT Drops Whitelist: Get whitelisted to all the future NFT drops by the HUB DAO


Inspiring Events: Gain free entry to all Metaverse Seminars hosted by THE HUB

Access to learning opportunities

This hackathon is powered by EkoLance and you will have access to learning events to help you become a better hackathon and give you the knowledge and skills to win hackathons.

The challenge is divided into three main areas:

Develop DCL libraries containing DCL-Edit custom components. DCL-Edit is an editor designed to simplify your workflow when developing with the Decentraland SDK. It allows objects to be placed and manipulated just like in any other state-of-the-art game engine. We are looking for solutions that extend the features of DCL-Edit without changing the code of the editor itself.


Avatar Model
Develop an interoperable VRM capable avatar. This should improve the visual appeal and usability of our avatar module, making it more attractive to users and enhancing the overall experience. We are also looking for features that enhance motion, interaction, and wearables building for non-coders, and integration with AI tools for building.


Metaverse Explorer/Valuation Tool
Propose use cases and ideas for mass adoption of the Metaverse Explorer/Valuation tool. We are interested in integrations with other tools to make it more usable and beneficial.

Registration & Submission process

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Join the techFiesta Dicord server 

 coordinate in the Hub Hackathon channel 

Join the Discord server to find a team and/or to ask questions

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Register on techFiesta as participant and get access to submit your project before the deadline 

Register & Submit your project on techFiesta

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