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EkoLance gives thousands of people practical skills to work in blockchain and connects people from emerging countries to the international blockchain job market.

The Problem we solve

According to Glassdoor the worldwide yearly growth in blockchain job postings was around 300% in 2021.

The average number of applicants in blockchain companies is nearly 90% lower than the average corporate job according to a study conducted by Coresignal in mid 2022. This shows that the demand for blockchain professionals is huge and there is significantly less talent applying to blockchain jobs compared to traditional corporate jobs. 


Furthermore, the job opportunities for people from developing countries are significantly less than for people in the developed world. The same study shows that African countries had very few job postings compared to other continents. In total, from 2018 to 2022 Q2, there were only 318 job postings in Africa, whereas in Europe and North America there were 10,969 and 11,735 job postings, respectively.


EkoLance was created to give thousands of people practical skills to work in blockchain and to make it possible for people from emerging countries to have access to the international blockchain job market. 


The key elements to get hired in the blockchain industry are:


  • Understanding the concepts of blockchain

  • Have relevant blockchain knowledge for the job that you want to work in (web3 developer, marketing manager, content creator)

  • Have some experience in the blockchain industry or with a blockchain project

High quality blockchain education costs several thousands of USD and is not accessible to most talents in emerging economies. EkoLance provides educational inclusion by offering free cohort-based blockchain training programmes for specific blockchain professions such as:


  • Solidity Developers

  • Content Creators

  • Community Managers 


During the training programmes EkoLance connects the talents to our corporate partners and the talents are given the opportunity to execute weekly projects for these partners. This way they get practical experience working for blockchain companies and projects.

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College Friends

EkoLance in Numbers


 Professionals in our talent pool

Web2 developers




Community Managers


Solidity developers

Content creators

Our Vision

We want to make the blockchain industry more diverse and bring more women and professionals from emerging countries to it.

We contribute to closing the gap for competent blockchain professionals.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make the blockchain space easily assessible to thousands of people from emerging countries. We do this by offering them free training on specific blockchain professions and connections to international employers.

Our goal is to enable 50 000 people to work in blockchain by end of 2023.

What are our talents saying about EkoLance?

FB_IMG_1664451324447 - Ezekiel Inyang_edited.jpg

Ezekiel Inyang, Content Creator

I had a lot of first times on EkoLance. My first slide was created with a smartphone, for the first time I could navigate my way on Discord, I published my first blockchain related article on Medium, first presentation of slides on ZOOM, my first Metaverse experience with MGH DAO. During the academy these are the assets I've received - Discipline, Consistency, & Excellence. THANK YOU EKOLANCE! 

5C99C85D-1463-47AC-8367-5B6796BB91FF - PEACE PAUL.jpeg

Peace Francis Paul,
Community Manager

I have really learned a lot from EkoLance. First is team building and team spirit. Adapting to change, achieving a goal as a group, carrying everyone along. Sustainable activities to keep members of the community active, being a very not only successful Community manager but also one of the best. Listening is something I’ve learnt, I don’t think I’ve always listened to everyone but EkoLance made me know that there is music beyond the noise. I had a very great experience here. Thank you EkoLance

10245454_10152178499190829_1787695022_n - Vishnu Keloth_edited.jpg

Vishnu Keloth,
Senior Editor

When I stumbled across EkoLance's generous initiative to provide free blockchain wisdom to  job seekers, I was rather skeptical of the value they'd offer. Their 'learn by doing' and incentive-based pedagogy proved me wrong. Taking the EkoLance training helped give me a sense of direction with regard to where I can go in broadening my knowledge and skills around web3. It also gave me a big picture with regard to how the entire blockchain and web3 domain spans and how I can specialize in it.

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