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Your Gateway to Web3 Jobs and Talents

We equip Web3 professionals with in-demand skills and connect them with blockchain businesses

Meet the passionate and professional team who brings the vision to life


Maria Eneva-Olms

Founder, CEO


Samuel Anthony

Web3 Full Stack Developer


Prosper Ayere

Community & Social Media Manager


Chidinma Augustina

IT Project Manager


Francisca Umejesi

Content Creator


Lara Meier-Hoffmann

Head of Education at EkoLance

What Makes Us Unique?

We bridge the gap between remote professionals looking for opportunities in blockchain and international companies

Don’t just take our word for it - read below to know how it all began

Team Meeting

1. Vision for Advancing Web3 Talents

It all began with Maria, our CEO and founder, who recognized firsthand the challenges in the Web3 job market. While seeking opportunities in blockchain herself, she observed a critical gap: many experienced professionals struggled to adapt their skills to the rapidly evolving Web3 space. There was a lack of advanced training resources to keep pace with industry trends, and companies were on the lookout for talent with specific blockchain expertise. Maria envisioned a solution that would not just address these issues but transform the way professionals engage with the blockchain industry.

2. Partnership with Blockchain Experts

EkoLance was born from the idea of a community-driven platform, where experienced professionals could enhance their blockchain skills and connect with global opportunities. The team at EkoLance began collaborating with Web3 experts and industry leaders to create training programs that go beyond the basics. This collaboration resulted in an innovative approach to professional development in blockchain, offering advanced and specialized courses that are directly aligned with the needs of the industry.

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3. A Hub for Skilled Blockchain Professionals

Today, EkoLance stands as a thriving hub where over 8000+ professionals have been trained in advanced Web3 skills. Through our partnerships with more than 50 leading blockchain companies worldwide, we've extended our reach to approximately 50,000 professionals globally. Our specialized training programs are designed not just to upskill but to strategically place professionals in roles where their expertise is needed. EkoLance is more than a training platform; it's a gateway to the future of blockchain careers.

4. Beyond Training: The Birth of techFiesta

At EkoLance, our growth led to an important realization: training is just the beginning in the blockchain industry. To truly empower professionals, we needed to connect them with real projects and job opportunities. This insight inspired the creation of techFiesta.

techFiesta evolved from our desire to offer more than just education. We started with hosting hackathons in collaboration with our partners, which highlighted the need for a platform where talents could engage in practical projects. Today, techFiesta is an innovative online hub for online hackathons, challenges, and crowd tasks, not only allowing professionals to put their skills to use but also to earn in stablecoins and explore entrepreneurship.


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