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Your Gateway to Web3 Jobs and Talents

We empower professionals to start working in the blockchain space and we provide unparalleled job matching and recruitment services to Web3 companies

Meet the passionate and professional team who brings the vision to life


Maria Eneva-Olms

Founder, CEO


Emmanuel Tope

Community Growth Manager


Francisca Umejesi

Content Creator


Samuel Anthony

Web3 Full Stack Developer


Prosper Ayere

Community & Social Media Manager


Chidinma Augustina

IT Project Manager


Lara Meier-Hoffmann

Head of Education at EkoLance

What Makes Ekolance Unique

EkoLance was created to give thousands of people practical skills to work in blockchain and to make it possible for people from emerging countries to have access to the international blockchain job market.

Don’t just take our word for it - read below to know how it all began

Team Meeting


A vision For Empowering Web3 Talents

Maria, the CEO and founder of EkoLance noticed the challenges that people faced in pursuing careers in the industry, while she was looking for a job in web3 herself. Many lacked the guidance to navigate the blockchain space as well as the knowledge how to transfer their skills from traditional industries to web3. Also many professionals do not have access to resources to up skill and keep up with the latest trends in Web3, while companies struggle to find talent with the required expertise they need. Maria was determined to make a difference and she knew the solution would require a new approach.

Reaching out to Industry Experts


EkoLance set out to build a community that will connect aspiring blockchain professionals with the resources and training they needed to succeed. To achieve this, the EkoLance Team reached out to Web3 experts who they can partner with in empowering the professionals. This led to the birth of EkoLance, a community driven firm that trains and connects professionals with companies in need of their service.

People shaking hands
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A Thriving Community of Web3 Professionals


EkoLance has trained over 750+ Web3 professionals, has a diverse talent pool of over 4250 professionals, and about 50,000 blockchain professionals reached through our partners all over the globe. So far, we have launched seven training programs to help blockchain professionals up skill and develop their expertise. We have also partnered with over 20 top blockchain companies who can hire from our talent pool.

We want to help you build a successful Web3 Career

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