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Blockchain Community Manager

A Free 8-week training with industry experts to become Blockchain Community Manager

EkoLance is launching a 8-week course for people seeking a career in the blockchain ecosystem as a community manager.

The official start date of the course is the 16th of August, 2022 and the application deadline is the 11th of August, 2022. The sessions take place every Monday at 7PM WAT.

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What is the training about?

With this training, we aim to prepare more professionals for the important role of managing communities for blockchain companies and projects.


A blockchain community manager is a marketing professional who oversees a blockchain company’s communications and brand. They are responsible for moderating communities, including social media channels, forums, blogs, and more. A community manager in blockchain is the voice of the company to the outside word and internally it’s the voice of the community to the team. He or she designs and manages content strategy, ensures the smooth onboarding of new community members, promotes trust and transparency and also encourages engagement within the community.


Blockchain community managers understand blockchain technology and the key concepts of blockchain such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, the Metaverse as well as the applications of these concepts in different sectors. They have a good grasp of how the industry works, know the blockchain social media platforms and can create successful content for them.


The blockchain sector has been expanding over the last few years. Large industries such as IT, financial services and automotive are adopting blockchain technology and are looking to hire blockchain professionals. Silicon Valley is no longer the edgy tech frontier as workers flee Google and Amazon for crypto and blockchain startups.


A Cointelegraph research shows that financial investments within the blockchain sector have increased in the past year over 300% from 4.4 billion USD in Q1 2021 to 14.6 billion USD in Q1 2022, which is evidence that more companies will be looking to expand their blockchain teams.


EkoLance is leveraging on this growth opportunity and providing structured web3 training for the new blockchain skills and professions. We equip professionals to join the workforce in the blockchain ecosystem.


As part of our training offering, we are launching a 8-week community manager training.

Training structure

Blockchain Community Manager info.png

The training will take place in the course of 8 weeks. Every week the participants will learn some technical as well as soft skills required for the job as community manager. The participants will be able to practice their newly learned skills during the weekly assignments. The figure below describes the agenda of the community manager training.

Blockchain Community Manager outline.png

Meet the team

Maria Eneva-Olms, Co-Founder of EkoLance

Maria is also the founder of the blockchain experts' community Ledger Nation with access to leaders from the international blockchain ecosystem. She is a financial services professional with over 8 years of experience in consulting banks, asset managers and insurance companies on technology topics.

She is the author of articles about crypto investing as well as frequent speaker and moderator at international blockchain conferences.

Maria is Board Member of the Global Blockchain Women Alliance.


Modupe Ativie, Co-Founder of EkoLance

Modupe started her working career in 2006 at Pfizer UK, as a Quality Operations Executive. In 2010 she went back to live in Nigeria and pivoted into learning and development, capacity building and training.

Modupe is Certified Cryptocurrency Compliance Specialist. She is the African Lead of the Global Blockchain Women Alliance. She is training coordinator of the Pan-African tech foundation, focused on training Africans in blockchain- our motto is “leave no African behind”. Modupe is the African Hub Leader of the International Blockchain Stampede as well as Vice President of SheFAB.

The trainers

Daniela C. Merlano

Community Builder and manager and a positive psychologist

Daniela is building communities for NFT and blockchain projects with the purpose to empower women-led projects and advocate belonging & mental health awareness. Through community engagement, she is passionate about connecting people to purpose, their passions, and values. She has grown her online community within a very small period of time and regularly organizes panel discussions and events on her core topics.

  • LinkedIn

Anastasia Petrova

Founder at Social Butter agency, ex. Heineken marketing; | Web3.0 & NFT | Women in Tech Advocate


International marketing proficiency (10years) and wide experience in FMCG marketing.
Experience agency side, client side in one of the biggest and the most turbulent markets (Russia), head office of Heineken International (Netherlands). Co-founder of the marketing agency Social Butter in Amsterdam, social-first digital marketing agency for brands and businesses of tomorrow. Co-founder of Metasouls - community to empower women entrepreneurs, creators & brands on their way to Web3, and build life-changing connections.

  • LinkedIn
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Why should you apply for this training?

  • There is a shortage of community managers in blockchain communities

  • In blockchain a community team is as important as a product team

  • In this training you will get to learn from industry experts who have built and still manage successful communities

  • You will be equipped with the right tools to start a successful career

  • You will have access to international blockchain companies looking for community managers

  • We will help you expand your social media reach to international blockchain ecosystems

Who is this training for?

  • You have at least basic blockchain knowledge

  • You want to start and maintain a career in blockchain

  • You have a flair for social media

  • You have experience with social media management or content creation

  • You can write and speak fluent english

  • You can commit to spend 3-5 hours per week during the course of the training


"I started the community manager training with EkoLance two weeks ago and every session has been very insightful.
The assignments have been interesting and working with groups has helped me work and network with people around the world."

— Rowlanda


"I loved the different sessions that taught me how to build a community, and also managing a community such that each member gets value.
The course is structured in such a way that it is easy to follow along. My communication skills have tremendously improved. Thank you, Ekolance!"

— Tomi

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