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Celo X Bunzz Hackathon: A Celebration of Innovation and Collaboration

A visual showing Celo X Bunzz hackathon details on techFiesta

The Celo x Bunzz Hackathon that was hosted on techFiesta has come to a close with a fantastic finale; a physical event featuring the top 11 projects pitching for top prizes! This hackathon was a great opportunity for developers to learn, build teams, collaborate, and win prizes!

techFiesta was the hackathon platform chosen by Celo and Bunzz for participants to submit their project results and also for payment of bounties to the winners.

We extend our profound gratitude to them for hosting this hackathon on our platform, techFiesta. They held fantastic workshops during the hackathon and offered bounties worth $5000 which was distributed among the top 5 winners. A special thanks goes to the judges and other representatives who were with us during the physical grand finale and who voted on the winning projects!

A visual showing a pie chart registrant profile of the Celo x Bunzz hackathon

techFiesta has a large community of hackers in developing countries and for this hackathon, we were able to target 300 hackers from Africa who participated. They all came exclusively from the techFiesta developer community.

The hackathon was focused on projects from Africa, where participants had four weeks to build innovative projects and submit them online between 24th July to 21st of August on the techFiesta platform. During the time of the hackathon, developers had opportunities to participate in several online workshops by Celo and Bunzz and they also enjoyed prompt and instant communication that helped them through the project-building process. The three workshops entail the following:

In addition to these online workshops, the hackathon also featured a live finale event where the top 11 finalists pitched their projects to a panel of judges.

Image depicting judges addressing the developers during the Celo Foundation Africa DAO x Bunzz finale.
The judges during the Celo X Bunzz finale even

The judges were made up of experts from the Celo and Bunzz communities, as well as representatives from the tech industry. They were impressed by the high quality of the projects and the creativity of the participants.

Image depicting participants about to pitch at the final physical event
Some of the participants on stage about to pitch their project during the live event

As anticipation filled the room during the live event, each participant stepped onto the stage to present their projects. Out of the captivating 11 pitches, the panel of judges chose just 5 winners who truly stood out among the rest.

After the winners were picked, payment was executed by using the automated and seamless bounty payment function on techFiesta. The winners were all paid in stable coins with one click of a button.

Image showing the names of the top 5 Celo x Bunzz hackathon winners

The winning projects were:

1st Place: TIOWOBO — $2000

TIỌWỌ̀BỌ́ allows users to securely share documents and append signatures. With the innovation, document sharing and signature appending have never been easier! It streamlines the process where the hassle of sharing documents securely and appending signatures becomes a thing of the past. This innovation is like a digital assistant that simplifies and fortifies these essential tasks.

At its core, 'TIỌWỌ̀BỌ́' utilizes cutting-edge technology to create a secure and user-friendly environment for document management. It's designed to address the challenges and complexities of sharing important files while ensuring they remain confidential and tamper-proof.

Consider the scenario of signing a contract. With 'TIỌWỌ̀BỌ́,' there's no need for printing, scanning, or mailing physical copies. This not only saves time and resources but also enhances the efficiency and eco-friendliness of the process.

2nd Place: Chainwise — $1500

Chainwise allows product creators and businesses to create campaigns with defined milestones, and then select from a pool of verified influencers and communities.

Imagine a platform that seamlessly brings together the creative energy of product makers, the targeted reach of influential individuals, and the dynamic engagement of communities, all working in unison to achieve meaningful goals.

The brilliance of 'Chainwise' lies in its ability to foster collaboration and amplify impact. It's like having a team of experts, each contributing their unique strengths, working together to propel a campaign to success. This cooperative spirit extends the reach and effectiveness of campaigns, transforming them from individual endeavors into collective movements.

3rd Place: Solvre — $1000

Solvre is not just a project; it's a paradigm shift in how we approach bounties and rewards in the digital realm. Imagine a world where bounty platforms are truly decentralized, empowering both creators and solvers while enhancing transparency and trust. Say goodbye to the old, centralized ways of doing things, and welcome the future of rewards!

Solvre's game-changing approach embraces the power of blockchain technology to ensure that bounties are managed fairly, transparently, and without intermediaries. This is more than just code; it's a movement that empowers every individual to participate and contribute, knowing that their efforts will be justly rewarded. With Solvre, bounties become more than just tasks; they become opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and growth.

4th Place: Yoshka — $250

Yoshka is all about the magic of tokenization. Song stems are now more than just audio fragments – they're NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that represent the essence of musical creativity. This groundbreaking concept breathes new life into song ownership, making it more tangible and inclusive than ever before.

But that's not all – Yoshka goes beyond ownership and delves into the realm of value and royalties management. The traditional music industry model is reimagined, ensuring that creators receive their rightful dues with utmost transparency. No more hidden fees or complicated accounting – it's all powered by smart contracts on the Bunzz platform.

Yoshka's innovation isn't just about technology; it's about empowering musicians and reshaping the music landscape. It's about honoring artistic brilliance and fostering a community where every contribution is valued.

5th place: Akwukwo — $250

Akwụkwọ (meaning book) is a pioneering NFT book library Dapp that seamlessly merges creativity and ownership. With Akwụkwọ, we will have a world where your literary masterpieces are minted as unique NFTs on the blockchain, allowing you to proudly showcase your creative prowess. Then, readers can own these tokens and enjoy the stories in a new and exciting way.

Think of it as a place where stories become treasures. Writers get to share their stories in a special new form, and readers get to collect and enjoy them like never before. Akwụkwọ takes reading and writing to a whole new level, where creativity meets technology and stories become digital adventures.

This innovative platform not only transforms how we perceive literature but it's a journey into the future, where books become more than just words on paper – they become digital wonders that everyone can enjoy and treasure.

The Impact of Celo X Bunzz Hackathon

Image of all the attendees of the Celo X Bunzz hackathon finale event
Image showing all the attendees of the Celo X Bunzz finale event

The Celo x Bunzz hackathon had a significant impact on the African blockchain community. It helped to raise awareness of blockchain technology and its potential to solve real-world problems. It also brought together a diverse group of developers, entrepreneurs, and investors, who are now working together to build the future of blockchain in Africa.

The hackathon also helped to create several new projects that have the potential to make a real impact on the world. These projects are working on a variety of issues, including education, healthcare, finance, and sustainability. They harnessed blockchain technology to create more efficient, transparent, and equitable solutions to these problems.


The Celo x Bunzz hackathon was not just an event; it was a celebration of creativity, teamwork, and the boundless possibilities of blockchain technology. It showcased the best of what the African blockchain community has to offer.

The winning projects were all innovative and we look forward to seeing these groundbreaking projects make a lasting impact in Africa and beyond.

As a developer, embracing the world of hackathons stands as a significant avenue to showcase your skills, win bounties, get grant and funding opportunities, and cultivate meaningful collaborations with fellow builders and innovators. Sign up on the techFiesta platform today and start hacking.

About Celo Foundation

The Celo Foundation was founded in 2017 to support the growth and development of the decentralized, open-source, and mobile-first Celo platforms. Its platform helps build a carbon-negative financial system that creates conditions of prosperity for all. The Foundation is guided by the Celo community tenets and contributes to education, technical research, environmental health, community engagement, and ecosystem outreach—activities that support and encourage an inclusive financial system.

About Bunzz

Bunzz is the largest DApp development platform in the Asian region, and supplies modules for the most frequently used smart contracts, allowing it to deploy them on all EVM networks with a GUI. This reduces development time for smart contracts by 99%. The modules are audited, allowing users to avoid the great expense of security checks. Smart contract modules can be uploaded to the repository and published by the users themselves. Bunzz has the potential to become a Docker Hub in the Web3 space.

About techFiesta

techFiesta is a blockchain-powered hackathon platform that connects passionate professionals from all over the world with top companies and industry experts in the tech space. Our hackathons are designed to provide an engaging and collaborative experience for developers of all levels, as well as professionals from other fields who are interested in technology. Companies that participate in our hackathons have the opportunity to work with a diverse and talented group of tech innovators, harnessing their fresh and inventive ideas to fuel growth and success in their businesses.

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