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Gnosis Chain Hackathon: A Showcase of Creativity & Innovation

 A visual showing Gnosis Chain hackathon details on techFiesta

The recently concluded Gnosis Chain Hackathon on techFiesta, which took place from August 30 to September 25, 2023, was a resounding success, showcasing the innovation and creativity of talented developers from around the world. Participants competed for prizes and bounties worth $2,000 by building innovative solutions on the Gnosis chain, an EVM-compatible Layer-1 blockchain. It was also an opportunity for them to elevate their skills, forge new alliances, and nurture collaboration.

Gnosis Chain chose the online hackathon platform techFiesta as the primary hub for participants to submit their projects and for the distribution of rewards to the deserving winners who built the most innovative projects. We are thankful for the trust they placed in us to host this amazing hackathon. We played a crucial role in promoting the hackathon, engaging with the community, and organizing events that attracted a diverse group of hackers.

The Gnosis Chain hackathon participants benefited from insightful workshops that helped improve their skills and knowledge, making the competition intense and innovative.

Gnosis Chain Hackathon Process

A visual showing the details of a Zoom workshop for the Gnosis chain hackathon.

The online hackathon was all about empowering developers to build groundbreaking projects on the Gnosis chain. Right from the start, developers had the exciting opportunity to immerse themselves in educational workshops. These workshops were a goldmine of learning experiences, arming participants with the essential knowledge and tools needed to navigate the intricacies of project development.

Furthermore, we ensured smooth and real-time communication channels were in place, providing instant assistance throughout the project-building journey. This instant communication played a crucial role in promptly addressing queries, offering guidance, and ensuring a seamless development process for everyone involved. Ultimately, the hackathon created a vibrant atmosphere of collaboration, innovation, and an ongoing quest for knowledge.

The educational workshops entailed the following:

1. The Gnosis Chain Hackathon Kick-Off Session: During this session, the Gnosis team explained the hackathon problem statement and suggested some example projects the developers can take as inspiration. They dive deep into all the essential details the hackers will need for a successful hackathon experience.

2. How to Build a Startup out of Your Hackathon Project: In this session, Arsenii Pechenkin, Developer Relations at Gnosis, shared insights on how to turn a hackathon project into a startup. This was of great value to hackers looking to build a startup from their hackathon project but don’t know how.

Gnosis Chain Hackathon Demo Day

Image depicting screenshots made during the Gnosis Chain Hackathon demo day.

After an intensive 21-day hacking journey, the Gnosis Chain hackathon ended in a Demo session held via Zoom on September 27, 2023. Leading up to the demo session, participants were tasked with submitting a 1-minute video showcasing the projects they worked on during the hackathon. A total of 18 projects submitted their demo videos, each embodying an innovative spirit.

The highlight of the Demo Session was undoubtedly the announcement of the hackathon’s winners. An air of excitement and anticipation filled the virtual space as participants and spectators eagerly awaited the revelation of the brilliant minds who had excelled in this fiercely competitive environment.

After the winning projects were unveiled, their respective videos were played, allowing everyone to witness the innovative projects. This hackathon event was a true showcase of the incredible talent and creativity within our developer community, and Demo Day was the stage where these talents shone brightly.

The winning projects were:

1st Place: Rainfy — $1000

Rainfy is a decentralized savings application that seamlessly collaborates with Monerium to enable the effortless conversion of fiat currencies such as Euro, USD, and GBP into stablecoin equivalents. Once converted, users can securely connect and store their stablecoins on the Gnosis blockchain through Rainfy.

Monerium issues EURe, the first fully authorized and regulated on-chain euro, and the only on-chain fiat directly transferable between bank accounts and web3 wallets.

The platform offers an array of empowering features for personal financial management, including the flexibility for users to set the duration of their locked savings. They also implement an early retrieval penalty fee, which serves as a guide on the path to financial well-being.

To further incentivize saving, Rainfy introduces a gamified earning model, rewarding users with RAIN tokens as they achieve their savings goals. Additionally, the platform provides insightful visualizations of users' savings goals history, enhancing their financial planning experience.

2nd Place: Verxio Protocol — $600

Verxio Protocol is a non-custodial solution that uses stealth addresses to enable users to receive crypto on the Gnosis Blockchain without revealing the receiver's real address; which serves as their identity on the blockchain.

Verxio Protocol addresses the pressing concern of inadequate privacy in blockchain transactions. While the blockchain guarantees transparency and immutability, it simultaneously exposes sensitive details of transactions, such as sender and recipient addresses. This lack of privacy imposes significant risks on both individuals and businesses, potentially connecting their financial actions to real-world identities.

Addressing this issue assumes paramount importance due to its direct impact on safeguarding financial confidentiality. Preserving the integrity of personal and corporate information from prying eyes is vital. By introducing a user-centric solution that leverages stealth addresses for anonymous transactions, Verxio Protocol empowers users to regain control over their financial privacy and alleviate the potential pitfalls linked with identity exposure.

3rd Place: Event Connect — $400

EventConnect is a vital component of EduConnect, specializing in the management of educational events and gatherings. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including event creation and administration for various educational activities like webinars, workshops, and seminars. EventConnect also excels in event promotion, ensuring that educational events reach a broad audience of eager learners interested in specific subjects.

Additionally, participants benefit from a user-friendly registration process, with notifications and reminders to enhance their event experience. Furthermore, learners can receive POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) Certifications, adding an extra layer of recognition to their educational journey.


The Gnosis Chain hackathon proved to be a huge success, setting the digital landscape ablaze with innovation and creativity. For 21 exhilarating days, passionate developers built on the Gnosis chain, resulting in an impressive total of 18 project submissions that pushed the boundaries of what's possible. Among these projects, 3 outstanding projects emerged as winners, claiming well-deserved trophies and a share of the $2000 prize pool. The hackathon not only celebrated technical prowess but highlighted limitless innovation through hacking.

As a developer, embracing the world of hackathons stands as a significant avenue for you to showcase your skills, win bounties, get grant and funding opportunities, and cultivate meaningful collaborations with fellow builders and innovators. Sign up on the techFiesta platform today and start hacking.

About Gnosis

Gnosis Chain is an EVM-compatible Layer-1 blockchain for software engineers, targeting top-notch security, resilience, and credible neutrality, backed by a deeply decentralized network secured by over 100K validators.

The Gnosis mission has always been centered on experimentation and building decentralized infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem. When Gnosis was founded in 2015, it focused on building prediction markets to enable worldwide access to accurate information. To learn more about Gnosis, click here!

About techFiesta

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