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Blockchain Solidity Developer Training

A Free 13-week training with industry experts to become a Blockchain Solidity Developer

EkoLance is launching a 13-week course for people seeking a career in the blockchain ecosystem as a solidity developer.

The official start date of the course is the 3rd of October, 2022 and the application deadline is the 25th of September, 2022. The sessions take place every Monday at 7PM WAT.

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Why this training is important?

Blockchain development refers to building, maintaining and designing blockchain applications and systems to solve problems and create opportunities. On the other hand, a blockchain developer is a software developer who focuses on the blockchain technology, and builds applications on various blockchain protocols.

The demand for blockchain developers is skyrocketing and the US Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts a 22% growth in software development jobs between 2020 and 2030. As the adoption of the technology increases across various business sectors the need for blockchain developers has​ also increased rapidly and the career opportunities and corresponding salaries are extremely attractive.

A Cointelegraph research shows that financial investments within the blockchain sector have increased in the past year over 300% from 4.4 billion USD in Q1 2021 to 14.6 billion USD in Q1 2022, which is evidence that more companies will be looking to expand their blockchain teams and therefore high more blockchain developers. As a blockchain developer you can work remotely, and not have to deal with the hassle of relocation while stick working in a high paying job.

EkoLance is leveraging on this growth opportunity and providing structured web3 training for the new blockchain skills and professions. We equip professionals to join the workforce in the blockchain ecosystem.

Training structure

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The training will take place over the course of 13 weeks. Every week the participants will interact with industry experts, and also be able to practice their skills on real life projects which would be included in their practical experience The table below describes the agenda of the solidity developer training.

Solidity Developer Outline1.png

Meet the team

Maria Eneva-Olms, Co-Founder of EkoLance

Maria is also the founder of the blockchain experts' community Ledger Nation with access to leaders from the international blockchain ecosystem. She is a financial services professional with over 8 years of experience in consulting banks, asset managers and insurance companies on technology topics.

She is the author of articles about crypto investing as well as frequent speaker and moderator at international blockchain conferences.

Maria is Board Member of the Global Blockchain Women Alliance.


Modupe Ativie, Co-Founder of EkoLance

Modupe started her working career in 2006 at Pfizer UK, as a Quality Operations Executive. In 2010 she went back to live in Nigeria and pivoted into learning and development, capacity building and training.

Modupe is Certified Cryptocurrency Compliance Specialist. She is the African Lead of the Global Blockchain Women Alliance. She is training coordinator of the Pan-African tech foundation, focused on training Africans in blockchain- our motto is “leave no African behind”. Modupe is the African Hub Leader of the International Blockchain Stampede as well as Vice President of SheFAB.

The trainer


Paul Oamen, Co-founder & CTO at Me Protocol

Paul is a maverick contributing to the decentralization of the web. He is a software engineer with over six years of experience, two years being in web3.

He founded his first software company as an undergraduate after winning the most innovative student award from his university and has ever since helped various companies with their software projects. He is currently the CTO and cofounder of the Me Protocol, a blockhain protocol for the decentralized multi-vendor reward network of businesses.

Asides from being a software nerd, Paul is a great educator, practically teaching all his life; from his primary education days to date. He speaks at #web3 conferences, webinars, events and is currently the blockchain facilitator at the Pan Atlantic University

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Why should you apply for this training?

  • Successfully transfer your web2 software developer skills, and become a web3 developer

  • Learn how to build dapps and solutions with the solidity programming languages

  • Become part of a large blockchain savvy community

  • Network with other solidity developers

  • Be part of a study group of other developers, learn and grow together

  • Get an NFT certificate upon completion of the training

  • Get connected to potential employers looking for blockchain developers

Who is this training for?

  • You have knowledge of at least one programming language.e.g. javascript or python

  • You have basic blockchain knowledge

  • You have good English speaking and writing skills

  • You can commit to spend 7-10  hours per week on the program and your personal study during the 13 week course of the training

  • You desire to work as a blockchain developer

Testimonials from our first cohort Solidity Developers

Ibrahim Suleiman, Blockchain Developer

Tope Ogunsakin,
Blockchain Developer

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I want to apply!

Thank you for your application

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