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Join techFiesta and start to collaborate and innovate with fellow hackathon participants. Engage in events sponsored by top Web3 companies, get hands-on experience, connect with a vibrant community, and get global opportunities to shape your future.

techFiesta – your hub for web3 hackathons, developer challenges, and crowd tasks

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Access our hackers' library and learn the skills you need to succeed in techFiestas

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Explore our gallery of past techFiestas. Click on each event to discover the innovative projects built and milestones achieved

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Benefits of joining techFiesta

Fast and secure payment

Get paid on time and securely in crypto currencies.

Simple registration process

The registration process is simple. You can register for a techFiesta in just seconds.

User-friendly interface

The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

Access to educational workshops

Upskill and improve your skills with educational workshops hosted by techFiesta.

Explore entrepreneurship

Through participating in techFiesta, you stand a chance to get grant opportunities to further build your project.

Our partners from established blockchain companies


Success Stories of techFiesta Sponsors

Learn from the inspiring success stories of our sponsors and see how techFiesta has helped them build innovative Web3 solutions


We are excited to partner with techFiesta to host our Developer Challenges. The Swisstronik team launched the Challenges to leverage the creativity and diversity of the Web3 developer community and test the Swisstronik ecosystem. techFiesta helped us to size up our developer community, and we are looking forward to launching other initiatives like hackathons and grants with techFiesta.”

— Alexandra Serebrennikova, CMO of Swisstronik.

We’re super excited to host this first edition of the EBC Hackathon and felt it was the next logical step given that developers are the backbone of this industry. In past editions of EBC, we successfully held the startup competition to support upcoming startups in the industry in addition to the actual Convention. Overall we are very committed to supporting the industry builders. We’re proud to have EkoLance as a strategic partner for our hackathon given their solid platform, techFiesta and all the support included in their proposal. Tools like these add value to the industry and we look forward to hosting upcoming and future hackathons on techFiesta.”

— Victoria Gago, Co-Founder of EBC


We completed our first ever hackathon with TechFiesta, and it was a great success. Techfiesta was very diligent and organized in putting together the month-long hackathon from the opening to the idea screening, developer session, and the closing session, in addition to engaging the participants continuously in between. This resulted in a pipeline of promising projects that are currently developing impactful services on our platform, as well as an overall exposure and engagement for us from new developers.

Dr. Ken Alabi, Co-Founder of ToroNet

Upcoming techFiesta Events

Participate in virtual events with industry leaders, blockchain companies, and the growing techFiesta community to stay up to date on our talent pool and new opportunities.

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Build a basic Solana app and link it to a Solana wallet: Develop a user-friendly experience. Showcase your skills in blockchain development while exploring the exciting world of decentralized applications. Let's build together!

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