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Unleash your Potential with Expert Mentorship

Discover a diverse group of mentors across the globe to guide your career journey

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Here is how our Group Mentorship works:

Pick a Mentor & apply for a session.

Pick an area you want to be mentored in and the mentor you would like to mentor you.

Apply for a Group mentorship session with up to 10 people in a group.

You will get a notification when you are selected for a mentorship session.


Dr. Loha Hashimy

Web3 Product Management

Dr. Loha Hashimy is an Innovation manager and Blockchain researcher. She is an associate professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Adjunct Professor at EU Business School, Innovation and Product Management Advisor at MetaGameHub DAO as well as Senior Innovation Manager at ENIDE in Spain. Throughout her career, she has harnessed her professionalism as an innovation manager, product manager, and business development strategist. She can operate effectively with customer relationships, carry out tasks as a team, conduct large-scale projects, grow small and big world-class innovation, and has shown a good sense of leadership skills over time.


Owen Healy

Leading Freelance Recruiter in Web3

Owen has individually placed 67 people from 30 countries with clients ranging from pressed to industrial leading L1s. He has assisted with positions like: - Software engineers, developers, architects, DevOps (Ethereum, Solidity, Smart Contracts substrate, Rust, Polkadot, Cosmos etc.) - Marketing, Community Management, Copywriting, Social media, Content managers, Tokenomics, Product, Legal, Finance, Operations - CEO, COO, CMO, CTO


Nicolas Weber

Founder MetaGameHub DAO

Nicolas Weber is an early stage crypto investor, writer, philanthropist, podcast host and entrepreneur. He is part of the founding team at Amazing Blocks, Founder and CEO of DAC and Founding Initiator of THE HUB DAO.


Additionally, he is the Co-Founder of the Tokenization Working Group at the European Blockchain Association and advisor to FITCHIN, KROWDZ, Blockchain Founders Group and Menthol Protocol.


He previously worked for established companies such as Daimler, Dieffenbacher and Allianz Global Investors.


Antonia Eilander MA LLM

Crypto Corporate & Tax lawyer

Antonia Eilander is the founder of, a consulting company that helps clients navigate through all types of crypto assets, their international tax treatment and regulation.


She is a leading expert in International taxation and regulation of crypto assets.


She is also the founder of Crypto Tax Forum.


Nelson Inno

Founder at: weSpark✨ MBA & Product Engineer

Nelson Inno is a committed innovation enthusiast with expertise in creating and developing new products, services, and digital experiences in multiple industries. He is the founder of weSpark, the innovation agency dedicated to solving big, complex, unsolved problems by designing, impactful and unique innovation methods to tackle any challenge. Nelson built his first websites at the age of 13. He is an industrial Product Development Engineer and also has an MBA in sales and service engineering. During his career, Nelson works at multiple companies such as Lufthansa Airlines, Microsoft, Siemens, Avianca Airlines, Marquand (Automotive), Aeroman (Airplane MRO), and others. Nelson wanted to pursue his own projects and change the course of the innovation stage in Germany. In 2019, Inno started his entrepreneurship journey and founded his first company weSpark.

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Jocelyne Royer

VP Marketing & Community, Exclusible

Jocelyne Royer is a versatile, experienced and an accomplished CMO with over 12 years of international experience as a trusted Marketing & Brand Leader; skilled in building strong brands and engaged communities, driving market penetration, brand engagement & awareness. 

She has Demonstrable leadership experience across the Blockchain, Crypto & DeFi space, with a visceral enthusiasm for championing the decentralized web. She is a valued strategic advisor and creative thought leader, who has demonstrable experience in building successful brands and communities from scratch.

She is the VP of Marketing and Community at Exclusible as well as the Berlin Chapter Lead for WiBT Women in Blockchain Talks.

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