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Upcoming Web3 Courses

Marketing in Web3 Training Program

7th June 2023, 5PM WAT/6PM CET

A 7-week training with industry experts to master Web3 Marketing.

Why this training is important?

EkoLance is organizing a 7-week training program for people seeking to improve their marketing skills in the blockchain ecosystem. This program will focus on equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills you need to thrive in the Web3 Marketing niche.

Easy-to-follow frameworks

As the Web3 industry grows rapidly, it presents an incredible opportunity for marketers to specialize in the Web3 domain, a field that is experiencing tremendous growth and demand for skilled professionals.

Analyze on-chain data

As a Web3 Marketer, you'll be at the forefront of promoting cutting-edge products, services, and platforms in the blockchain and distributed systems space. This includes areas such as cryptocurrency, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized applications (dApps), and more.

Growing demand for marketing professionals

According to Emergen Research, the global Web 3.0 market size is expected to reach USD 81.5 Billion in 2030 and register a revenue CAGR of 43.7% during the forecast period (2022). This exponential growth signifies an increasing demand  professionals who can support companies in this industry to promote and market their products, services, or platforms.

This training will take place over the course of 7 weeks. Every week, you will interact with industry experts, and also be able to practice your skills on real-life projects which would be included in your practical experience. The table below describes the agenda of the Web3 Marketing Training

Outline Marketing in Web3 Training.png

The table below describes the agenda of the Web3 Marketing Training

Marketing in Web3 Training Agenda.png
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Why you should apply for this training?

Monetize your skill and build a successful freelance career if you choose to work on your terms.

Gain a deep understanding of Web3 marketing and how it differs from Web2 marketing.

Connect with other Web3 Marketers and expand your network

Stand a chance to be selected for open roles through EkoLance's recruiting services.

Get direct connections to the corporate partners who participate in the program, opening up opportunities for career growth.

Learn how to leverage the latest marketing technologies and tools to drive success for your Web3 clients.

This Training is delivered to you by a Team of Professionals in Web3 Marketing.

Corina Dolghier.webp

Corina Dolghier

Brand Consultant

Corina Dolghier used to be a project manager with MakerDAO, a decentralized issuance platform that turns digital assets into a stablecoin called DAI.​

She is a digital nomad, Marketing and Branding consultant and author of articles about all things DeFi & Web3.

She is a community member and contributor at SheFi, Meta Gamma Delta, H.E.R. DAO & 0xx Community.

Jimmy Humania.webp

Jimmy Humania

Web3 Growth & Marketing Officer ,Sr. Brand Ambassador of

Jimmy Humania is a seasoned Web3, Crypto, Blockchain, DeFi Growth leader with 14+ years of Proof of Work.

He is the Senior Brand Ambassador of RadixDLT. He used to be Web3 Product Marketing Manager and Web3 Growth Manager at Moralis Academy as well as Web3 Chief Marketing & Growth Officer at GARI, a leading web3 social network.

Bianca Buzea.webp

Bianca Buzea

Founder of DevRel University

Bianca is the ex-Developer Advocate at Balancer and the Founder of DevRel Uni, where she educates hundreds of professionals about the work of a developer relations manager and developer advocate.

As a Solutions Engineer turned Web3 Dev Rel, Bianca has been working to onboard developers into the web3 ecosystem, focusing on user experience and developer engagement at Balancer. Bianca believes in the power of a diverse and collaborative web3 ecosystem.

Victoria Gago.jpg

Victoria Gago

Founder of European Blockchain Convention and European Tech School

Victoria Gago is the co-founder of the European Blockchain Convention (EBC), a twice-yearly convention focused on enterprise blockchain technology across multiple industries. 

She is also the co-founder of European Tech School.

Victoria is the Director of a Master’s Degree in Blockchain and Business Applications at the Three Points School for Digital Business.

Finally, she is an ambassador for the Global Blockchain Business Council, helping to establish global blockchain standards.

Jona Hauch.webp

Jona Hauch

Business Development Associate at Blockchain Founders Group

Jona is a high-performing business developer with a good understanding of IT and tech, and a deep passion for startups and blockchain.
He has 6+ years of experience in growth marketing and business development in the industries of web3, tech, investment and e-commerce.​
He is currently Business Development Associate at the VC and accelerator Blockchain Founders Group and he is helping web3 companies develop their marketing and sales strategies.

Katharina Zeuch.webp

Katharina Zeuch

Founder & CEO of Luna Vision

Katharina is the Founder and CEO of the web3 marketing agency Luna Vision. At Luna Vision Katharina works with blockchain companies to establish and promote their marketing and social media strategy.
Katharina is also the creator and co-host of the podcast BLOCKTALES, dedicated to exploring insights into the lives of the people behind the blockchain technology.She holds a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. She worked as a research associate in the blockchain space for 3 years before entering the startup ecosystem. Today, she aims to foster blockchain adoption and helps startups to reach their community.

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Industries you can apply your skills as a Web3 Marketer?

Blockchain startups and well-established companies

Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms

DeFi projects

Venture capital firms

Web3 marketing agencies and traditional marketing agencies

NFT & Metaverse projects

Consulting firms specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency

Traditional business, which want to expand to the blockchain industry

Registration process

Join a group of marketing professionals and become a certified Web3 Marketer

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To preserve the quality of our training and the network of participants, you must have some experience with marketing or a related role before purchasing your tickets.

We welcome entrepreneurs and marketing/social media professionals

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You can purchase your ticket for the training using the crypto payment option or the fiat payment option.

Purchase your ticket

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Once you get your ticket, you will be onboarded to the Program!

Program Onboarding

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Frequently Asked Questions

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