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HUMAN Hackathon on techFiesta: Inaugural Event Wraps Up Successfully

A visual showing HUMAN hackathon details on techFiesta

Join us in commemorating a significant milestone—the conclusion of techFiesta's first-ever hackathon with HUMAN Protocol. This groundbreaking event ended on the 18th of August, 2023. It united developers from various corners of the world, all under the techFiesta banner.

This hackathon proved to be an outstanding opportunity for developers to enhance their skills, form teams, foster collaboration, and compete for lucrative prizes.

Our robust hackathon platform, techFiesta, was chosen by HUMAN Protocol to serve as the central hub for project submissions and bounty disbursements to deserving winners. We extend our deepest appreciation to them for entrusting us with the hosting responsibilities for this remarkable hackathon.

We also played a vital role in marketing the hackathon, engaging the community, and organizing events to attract a diverse range of hackers. Participants were treated to a series of enriching workshops, enhancing their knowledge and expertise, thus ensuring a high level of competition and innovation.

We engaged over 150+ participants from within our extensive global community of hackers. Their active involvement added tremendous value to the hackathon, showcasing the collective spirit of collaboration and innovation that defines the techFiesta developer community.

Hackathon Process

AA visual showing the kick-off session of the HUMAN hackathon visual showing the kick-off session of the HUMAN hackathon

The hackathon was focused on developers building innovative projects on the HUMAN Protocol. The online hackathon started on the 20th of July and ended on the 18th of August, 2023. Before the hackathon fully commenced, developers had opportunities to participate in educational workshops and they also enjoyed prompt and instant communication that helped them through the project-building process.

The two workshops entail the following:

1. An Introductory Session: This session featured Anshu Kalra, Business Development Manager, and Saqib Dar, Product Manager at HUMAN Protocol. They shared valuable insights and unveiled the details participants needed for the HUMAN hackathon.

2. A Kick-Off Session with HUMAN Protocol: During this session, the HUMAN Protocol team explained the hackathon procedures and the two intriguing problem statements. They dive deep into all the essential details the hackers will need for a successful hackathon experience.

After 4 weeks of hacking, the winning project was announced.

The winners of the HUMAN hackathon worked on the first problem statement which was to create an SDK that seamlessly integrates important open-source tools—Worldcoin Human Protocol, Humangram, Human Ledger Signer, and Proof of HUMANity Biometrics DApp.

The idea behind the project was for participants to create a platform easy for people to use and allow them to prove they're human in their own way.

The team understood the need to keep things simple and user-friendly and they made sure the SDK had the various options that were required by the HUMAN Protocol. People can choose what suits them best—Worldcoin Human Protocol, Humangram, Human Ledger Signer, or the Proof of HUMANity Biometrics DApp. This project is all about giving us what we like — easy and personalized experiences when we're online.


The HUMAN hackathon yielded remarkable results, epitomized by the development of a functional SDK for bot protection services. This innovative solution signifies a significant leap forward in safeguarding the digital landscape against automated manipulation.

As we embrace this paradigm shift in verifying human interactions, we envision a future where online platforms are secure, engaging, and built on the foundation of genuine human connections. The 'Proof of Humanity' built by HUMAN Protocol stands as a testament to the determination to create a better, more authentic digital world.

As a developer, embracing the world of hackathons stands as a significant avenue to showcase your skills, win bounties, get grant and funding opportunities, and cultivate meaningful collaborations with fellow builders and innovators. Sign up on the techFiesta platform today and start hacking.

About HUMAN Protocol

HUMAN Protocol tokenizes work. It connects projects with millions of global respondents, providing not only access to a global Q&A, but the blockchain infrastructure to record, verify, and reward any contribution. To date, it has been applied to data-labelling markets, and to human-verification solutions such as Proof of HUMANity, which provides bot protection to DApps. These are the only first use cases, however; they are the beginning of a new future of work, and demonstrate how human contribution can be verified and represented on-chain, and requested and rewarded through an automated protocol.

About techFiesta

techFiesta is a blockchain-powered hackathon platform that connects passionate professionals from all over the world with top companies and industry experts in the tech space. Our hackathons are designed to provide an engaging and collaborative experience for developers of all levels, as well as professionals from other fields who are interested in technology. Companies that participate in our hackathons have the opportunity to work with a diverse and talented group of tech innovators, harnessing their fresh and inventive ideas to fuel growth and success in their businesses.

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