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EkoLance Receives Grant From Solana Foundation to Integrate its Blockchain on techFiesta

Logo of EkoLance next to Solana Foundation's logo, symbolizing the grant received by EkoLance from the Solana Foundation.

EkoLance is excited to announce that it has received a grant from the Solana Foundation, facilitated through Superteam Balkan to integrate Solana into its online talent platform, techFiesta. This collaboration marks a pivotal milestone for EkoLance, underscoring its commitment to revolutionizing the future of work. This grant entails two groundbreaking milestones aimed at encouraging people to build on Solana and integrate Solana blockchain on techFiesta.

techFiesta is EkoLance's talent platform for work distribution and online hackathons with over 9,000 users building projects for blockchain protocols and infrastructure companies. Companies launch hackathons, developer challenges, and crowd tasks on techFiesta. Over 350 projects have been built, and $280K+ has been paid in bounties. The platform currently utilizes blockchain for transparent bounty distribution and identification of IDs and credentials during hackathons and developer challenges.

EkoLance partnered with Solana through a grant to further enrich its ecosystem by integrating the Solana blockchain. This aligns perfectly with Solana's mission to create a more open, decentralized, and efficient world. The partnership aims to foster a vibrant community of professionals skilled in blockchain technology, thereby accelerating the adoption of Solana.

The enthusiasm from the Solana team underscores the mutual benefits of this collaboration. By supporting EkoLance, Solana not only broadens its ecosystem but also paves the way for significant advancements. As the project unfolds, it marks a new chapter in the evolution of blockchain technology and its applications in the modern workforce.

“The Solana Foundation grant marks a pivotal moment for EkoLance, providing our developers with a unique opportunity to delve into the Solana ecosystem. They will not only gain invaluable experience but also contribute to building on Solana. This initiative is a significant step towards integrating advanced blockchain solutions into our daily operations .”—  Maria Eneva-Olms, CEO and Founder of EkoLance

Graphics showing details of the upcoming developer challenge hosted by EkoLance in partnership with the Solana Foundation, highlighting innovation and collaboration.

To kick off the collaboration, EkoLance is organizing a developer challenge with which it will onboard more developers in the Solana ecosystem. Hackers will create a simple Solana application and integrate a Solana wallet. 

EkoLance invites developers, innovators, and blockchain enthusiasts to participate in this developer challenge, a unique opportunity to shape the future of blockchain technology and Web3 careers. This initiative is more than a competition; it's a gateway to collaboration, learning, and success in the burgeoning field of blockchain. To register for the introductory session for the Developer challenge, click here

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EkoLance's securing of the grant from the Solana Foundation is a clear signal of its dedication to innovation and progress within the blockchain space and the digital employment market. By integrating Solana's blockchain and wallet technology into the techFiesta platform, EkoLance is not just enhancing its ecosystem but is actively contributing to the evolution of the blockchain industry and the modernization of how we work and transact online.

This initiative, which includes a developer challenge to encourage hands-on creation on the Solana network is a significant step toward making blockchain technology a staple in digital employment and financial transactions. It reflects a broader movement toward decentralized, secure, and efficient digital solutions that benefit developers, employers, and job seekers alike.

About Solana Foundation

The Solana Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Zug, Switzerland, dedicated to the decentralization, adoption, and security of the Solana ecosystem.

Solana is a proof-of-stake blockchain built for mass adoption. It is fast, composable, green, and globally distributed.

Solana supports experiences for power users, new consumers, and everyone in between.

About EkoLance

EkoLance revolutionizes the future of work by empowering professionals in Web2 and the blockchain industry. EkoLance has two products: an educational platform with training programs for upskilling in the blockchain space and a developer activation platform called techFiesta, where companies launch hackathons, developer challenges, and crowd tasks. EkoLance has a community of over 9,000 blockchain professionals.

Image showing some of EkoLance Talents

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