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EkoLance closes the demand gap for blockchain professionals

In 2022 we want to bring 1000 female professionals and 1000 professionals from emerging economies to web3.

We educate professionals in the new blockchain professions

Our students get access to experienced blockchain professionals and learn the skills and tools they need to have a successfull career in blockchain.

Work on real blockchain projects

Our students get hands-on experience with blockchain Networks and companies. They work on real projects to get experience, go to conferences and successfully join blockchain communities.

Get a job in Web3

After completing the EkoLance Training the professionals get onboarded on the EkoLance job platform. They can get hired directly by companies looking for web3 experts.

These companies already connected to our talent

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What our students are saying

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"I am a web 2 developer with a deep and keen interest in Web 3 development and working in the space. I have subscribed to Ekolance already and I can't wait to start"

Glory, web2 developer and community builder


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