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Manage and Verify Your On-Chain Credentials

We enhance your professional credibility and reputation with trusted, verifiable digital credentials

What are On-Chain Certificates?

On-chain certificates are digital credentials recorded on a blockchain, and they are tamper-proof, verifiable, and permanently linked to the owner’s digital identity. Unlike traditional certificates, these blockchain-based credentials cannot be forged or altered, providing a reliable source of truth for your professional achievements.

What are we doing?

We are pioneering the future of credential verification through the use of on-chain certificates, also known as Soulbound tokens (SBTs). These immutable tokens represent a revolutionary step forward in how qualifications and professional experiences are validated and shared within the Web3 ecosystem.

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How Do We Certify and For What?

We utilize this innovative technology to certify a range of professional achievements, including:


- Completion of training sessions

- Participation in hackathons and developer challenges

- Participation in our webinars and workshops

- Successful execution of crowd tasks and jobs


Each certificate is minted as a Soulbound token, which stands as proof of your skills and experiences, securely stored on the Concordium blockchain and easily shareable with potential employers or clients.

What Problems Are We Solving?

The traditional methods of verifying professional credentials are often cumbersome, prone to error, and can be misleading. 


We address these challenges by:


- Eliminating the possibility of credential fraud

- Streamlining the process of professional verification

- Enhancing the trustworthiness of digital resumes

Benefits For Employers

Access Verified Credentials: Quickly verify the authenticity of a professional’s achievements, streamlining the hiring and collaboration process.


Enhance Brand Reputation: Collaborate with us on innovative events to attract leading talent and demonstrate commitment to technological advancements.

Build a Strong Community of Talent: Through hosting events and issuing Soulbound tokens, you can cultivate a vibrant community of engaged professionals.

How Do On-Chain Credentials Benefit Professionals?

Verifiable Achievements: On-chain credentials provide a secure, digital record of your professional achievements, eliminating the need for tedious traditional verification.


Enhanced Visibility:  Enhance your visibility with a digital CV that showcases your skills and experiences to potential employers.


Streamlined Career Progression: Quickly share verifiable credentials to expedite job applications and improve hiring prospects.


Lifetime Portfolio: Build and maintain a comprehensive portfolio that reflects your continuous learning and achievements.

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