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 Advance Your Web3 Career with EkoLance

 Enhance your expertise, work with groundbreaking projects, and join a network of driven blockchain professionals.

Access our comprehensive course library and learn the skills you need to succeed

Smart Contract Audit Training (17).png

Smart Contract Audit Training

A 10-week training with industry experts to become a Smart Contract Auditor 

Marketing in Web3 Visual.png

Marketing in Web3 Training

A 7-week training with industry experts to master Marketing in the Blockchain Space  

Defi token analyst training flyer.png

Token Researcher & DeFi Analyst Training

A 10-week training with industry experts to become a Token Researcher and DeFi Analyst

Smiling Coworker

Content Creator Training

A 6-week training with industry experts to become Blockchain Content Creator


Solidity Developer Training

This 13-week course is designed for people seeking a career as a Solidity developer.


Benefits of taking EkoLance Training

Learn from Industry Experts

Benefit from our trainers’ extensive experience in the Web3 industry. They provide practical, up-to-date insights and skills that are directly relevant to advancing your career in blockchain technology.

Cohort-Based Learning

Join our cohort-based courses and become part of an engaging community of professionals. This collaborative environment enriches your learning experience, broadens your perspectives, and expands your professional network.

Accessible Online Courses

Our globally accessible online courses offer flexibility and convenience. Each training session is recorded, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit material as needed.

Explore Career Opportunities

Post-training, you can leverage on techFiesta platform to display your skills to potential employers in the blockchain industry, significantly boosting your chances of landing a rewarding Web3 career.

Hands-On Experience

Through practical assignments, enhance your skills and build a professional portfolio. These real-world tasks are designed to deepen your expertise and showcase your capabilities.

Explore Online Hackathons

Participate in online hackathons on our platform and unleash your potential in the Web3 industry. These events are more than competitions; they're a platform for innovation and collaboration, where you can bring your creative ideas to life, connect with potential investors, and access opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures and grants.

Our trainers from

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How do Professionals in 

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Start your journey by enrolling in our in-demand training programs. As you complete these courses, you're not just learning – you're becoming part of a select group of skilled blockchain professionals.

How to Get Hired through EkoLance

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Join our online hackathon platform called techFiesta where you can engage in hands-on tasks, developer challenges, and hackathons

Showcase Your Talent 

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Build your portfolio with projects through our online hackathon and job platform and open doors of job offers and grant opportunities from top blockchain companies.

Land Your Dream Job

Learn from the inspiring success stories of our professionals and see how our training has helped them build a successful Web3 Career


Olasubomi Oduntan

Web3 Brand Manager

Olasubomi was previously a social media manager in the fashion industry but now, she has successfully transitioned into the Web3 space. She enrolled in two of our training programs and after a few months of applying what she learned, she got 2 blockchain jobs that pays her well.


Sultan Mahmud Oduntan

Web3 Community Manager

Sultan conquered his career challenges by enrolling in EkoLance courses. He now has 3 high-paying jobs and he lives comfortably. He currently has a community that is growing rapidly and he achieved all these because he applied all he learnt from the content creation and community management course he enrolled for in EkoLance.


Salia Opeyemi

Web3 Community Manager & Content Creator

Salia experienced a remarkable transformation in his career after completing our Community Management training. During the training, he acquired the vital skills he needed to succeed and evolve in his job. Since then, he has enthusiastically embraced various opportunities in his career with ease and confidence.

Participate in virtual events with industry leaders, blockchain companies and the growing EkoLance community to stay up to date on market trends and new opportunities.



Join our talent pool of over 8K+ professionals

Share knowledge, get inspired and connect with other professionals who are dedicated to their personal and professional growth

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