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The Role EkoLance Played in a Community Manager's Journey to Success

A picture of Salia Opeyemi, the professional that EkoLance training played a huge role in his career as a community manager. He is now confident in his abilities and skills after taking the intensive 8-week training from EkoLance for community managers.

Salia Opeyemi is a young professional with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for community management. He had been working in the Fintech industry for some time when he discovered how promising blockchain technology was. He did some research on his part and what he loved the most was the decentralized and transparent nature of blockchain technology. He decided to delve deeper into this space.

Salia discovered that the blockchain space was rapidly growing, and the demand for skilled professionals who could manage online communities and foster engagement among members kept increasing. So, he decided to become one and after a few months of learning about the space and taking a few training sessions, he got a job as a community manager for a blockchain company.

He struggled to find high-quality training programs that could help him develop the skills he needed to succeed in his job as a community manager. While he had some experience working in fintech, the rapidly evolving world of Web3 presented a whole new set of challenges and opportunities that he was eager to explore.

On a fateful day, Salia came across a training program from EkoLance. The training was specifically for community managers and for those aspiring to become one. The course promised to empower professionals with the skills they needed to become effective community managers in the emerging industry. Salia was thrilled at the opportunity. He applied for the course and got admitted for the intensive 8-week training.

The EkoLance training proved to be an eye-opening experience for Salia. He was impressed by the quality and the depth of knowledge shared by industry experts who taught them. The course covered a wide range of topics, from community engagement strategies to content creation and moderation techniques.

“The training was incredibly impactful, I learned so much about community management and how to create high-quality content that resonates with my community members. The program was exactly what I needed to take my skills to the next level. One of the most valuable aspects of the EkoLance training program was the community itself. Being a part of the EkoLance community has helped me connect with like-minded professionals that I can learn from”— Salia Opeyemi, Web3 Community Manager

During an interview session with Salia, he shared that the training was comprehensive and hands-on. They were grouped and asked to build a community from the scratch and manage it with the knowledge they had acquired during the training. He enjoyed that experience very well, and he got to see the strategies they were taught work in real-time. The experienced tutors were very helpful and gave them constructive feedback.

Salia struggled to juggle the demands of his job and the training program but his team members were incredibly supportive, and he was able to catch up on any training he missed by watching the recorded session.

Despite the challenges, however, Salia graduated from the EkoLance training program feeling more confident and capable than ever before. He was able to use the skills he learned to create better content for the communities he managed, and he felt more connected and engaged with the Web3 world as a whole.

Looking to the future, Salia will continue learning and growing as a community manager. He hopes to create his own learning platform one day, and he's open to connecting with other community members.

Salia was asked to advise professionals who are yet to take EkoLance training. He said:

“Apply for EkoLance training and when you get it, dedicate enough time to study and attend your classes. It is not easy to get quality Web3 training like that of EkoLance. After graduating too, be valuable to the community so you will be remembered”

Salia's success story is a testament to the impact of effective training programs. Through harnessing the power of quality training and a supportive community, he overcame all the challenges he faced in his career and he fully embraced the opportunities of the exciting new technology with confidence and ease.


Valuable lessons that can be drawn from Salia's career journey:

1. The importance of staying up-to-date with emerging technologies: Salia's interest in the blockchain space was sparked by the potential he saw in the decentralized and transparent nature of the system. He identified an opportunity in emerging technology and took advantage of it by building a career in the industry.

2. The value of quality training: Salia struggled to find quality training for community managers before discovering EkoLance and when he did, he invested his time and effort to acquire the necessary skills he needed to succeed and evolve in his job.

3. The power of networking: Part of Salia's success as a community manager is based on his ability to build and maintain strong relationships with other professionals. Through engaging with others during the training, he built his network, learnt from them, and got support when he started facing challenges.

4. The importance of dedication and hard work: Salia's success did not come easily. He had to juggle attending classes with his job and put in extra effort to catch up on any sessions he missed. He achieved the success he desired by staying dedicated to his goals and putting in the work.

5. The value of lifelong learning: Even after completing EkoLance training, Salia plans to continue learning and growing in his field. By embracing a mindset of continuous learning, professionals can stay ahead of the curve in their industries and adapt to changing trends and technologies.


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