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Natalia’s Transformational Career Journey

An image of a visionary Startup Founder, confidently showcasing her expertise and passion.

The blockchain space thrives on innovation, and communicating complex concepts to a wider audience is essential for its growth. Thus, the need for skilled content creators. In this career story, we delve into Natalia's experiences, from her initial curiosity about Web3 to building a Blockchain Content Creator career through EkoLance's training and now working on two startups.

Natalia Sergovantseva is a Ph.D. holder in Human Resources with a background in psychology. Her career journey began as an HR director, but her thirst for knowledge and the allure of the blockchain's limitless potential led her to explore the Web3 space.

“I got interested in the Web3 space because of the freedom and the room for lots of growth. I like that new ideas can be worked on to solve many real-world problems..”— Natalia Sergovantseva, Startup Founder

Before Natalia embarked on her journey into the blockchain space, she worked as an HR director and was later involved in developing startup projects. During this point in her career, she felt the absence of a supportive community and networking opportunities. She also identified a gap in her competence when it came to creating blockchain content, a skill she recognized as crucial for her transition into the industry.

“Before EkoLance training, I lacked community support and networking opportunities and also lacked competence for creating blockchain-related content. Through EkoLance training, I met lots of diverse professionals from different regions and I also developed Web3 content creation skills.”— Natalia Sergovantseva, Startup Founder

Natalia's life took a significant turn after she enrolled in EkoLance's Blockchain Content Creators Training. The program not only introduced her to a diverse group of professionals from different regions but also provided her with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the world of blockchain content creation.

Through hands-on tasks and guidance from experienced tutors who have made their mark in the Web3 space, she gained specific knowledge about Web3 and learned how to navigate the blockchain industry.

“EkoLance is a great community. The tutors gave us lots of hands-on tasks that tested our boundaries and how far we can go exploring our creativity and talent.” — Natalia Sergovantseva, Startup Founder

After EkoLance training, Natalia's life was marked by remarkable growth and exciting opportunities. She immersed herself in reading and writing blockchain content on Medium, which served as her portfolio when she started web development. Her dedication paid off as new jobs and opportunities found her and she began her startup. An AI startup also reached out to her to become part of their founding team.

An image of a visionary Startup Founder, confidently showcasing her expertise and passion.

She is currently working on two startups, SoulMatcher, & BESTFITME. She is the founder of SoulMatcher, a psychology-based dating app that connects users based on their most compatible mental partner. Both projects have surpassed the MVP stage. As she continues to develop these startups, she aims for millions of downloads for SoulMatcher and she wants both projects to become leading companies in their respective industries.

“Don't hesitate to take EkoLance training. Go for it and dedicate some time to apply what you have learned and in a few months, you will see results.” — Natalia Sergovantseva, Startup Founder

Natalia's success story serves as an inspiration for those looking to enter the blockchain space. Her career journey emphasizes the importance of acquiring Web3 skills and the value of platforms like EkoLance in nurturing the next generation of blockchain professionals.

5 Lessons To Learn From Natalia's Career Journey

1. Diverse Backgrounds Are an Asset: Natalia's journey from HR director to content creation and then to developing startups highlights that diverse backgrounds and skill sets are valuable. Her expertise in psychology and human resources gave her a unique perspective on the human aspects of technology.

2. Continuous Learning is Key: Natalia's decision to enroll in EkoLance's Content Creators Training showcases the importance of continuous learning. Blockchain is a rapidly evolving field, and staying updated with the latest developments is crucial.

3. Networking and Community Are Vital: Her life before training lacked community support and networking opportunities. By becoming a part of EkoLance’s training, her story changed and she connected with like-minded professionals and built a supportive network in the blockchain industry.

4. Practical Application of Knowledge: After the training, her life was marked by practical application. She started working on two startups and applied her knowledge to create real-world solutions. Her experience illustrates the importance of turning knowledge into action.

5. Education Fuels Innovation: EkoLance's training provided Natalia with the knowledge and skills she needed to excel in blockchain content creation. Her journey highlights that education and training can fuel innovation and empower professionals to make a meaningful impact in any industry.


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