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A Graphics Designer turned Blockchain Enthusiast: Dorcas's Journey to Success

Dorcas Wokocha, a Web3 Designer & Content Creator, was featured in the EkoLance talent success story article. Dorcas took EkoLance's blockchain content creator training and that helped her advance in her career.

As the world continues to evolve with the rapid growth of technology, more people are seeking new opportunities to stay ahead of the curve. One such individual is Dorcas, a graphics designer turned blockchain enthusiast. She got interested in the industry because of the freedom it offered, with three words constantly ringing in her head: business, finance, and wealth.

After experiencing a significant loss in 2021 through an investment she made in the blockchain space, she took a break for a few months and later found her footing again. She resumed her designing and DeFi career and along the line, she found out about EkoLance training through a friend. She enrolled in the blockchain content creation training and she got accepted.

Before she enrolled in the training, she had already started writing for DeFi and blockchain companies, managing communities, and even serving as a Creative Lead for Web3 brands. With her experience, she was already doing well in her career, but she knew that there was always room for improvement.

The EkoLance training experience was a game-changer for Dorcas. It was highly practical, well-structured, and focused on delivering value. The curriculum covered both Web2 and Web3 content creation, making it relevant for any niche. The lessons she learned were rich and detailed, and she could immediately apply them in her career.

After the training, Dorcas' career journey improved significantly. She learned how to become more disciplined, structured, and efficient in both her personal and work life. She also upskilled in her DeFi career and took on relevant training to stay ahead of the curve.

“One thing that stood out to Dorcas was the supportive learning environment at EkoLance. She felt like she was part of a community of like-minded individuals who were all working towards a common goal. She enjoyed participating in the group activities and collaborating with her fellow trainees.”— Dorcas Wokocha, Web3 Designer & Content Creator

Throughout the training program, Dorcas learned a lot about content creation, including how to develop strategies, host online events, and create engaging social media content and blog posts.

After her experience with EkoLance, Dorcas has continued to excel in her career, utilizing the skills she learned during the training to make a name for herself in the DeFi and blockchain industry. She has become a reputable community manager, graphic designer, and content creator, with a growing list of clients who trust her to deliver quality work. A few months ago, she got a contract job as a brand manager with O2k from EkoLance. O2k is a consulting company focused on Web3, taxation, and regulation of crypto assets. Dorcas is grateful for the opportunity she had with EkoLance, and she highly recommends the company to anyone looking to upskill or start a career in the tech industry.

"EkoLance is highly professional and superbly organized. I have never seen such an organized company. EkoLance is highly structured and value-driven. They taught me that I could be anything I want, all I need to do is to do the work and not be lazy." - Dorcas said.

She believes that EkoLance's focus on value-driven, practical training is what sets it apart from other Web3 training and recruitment companies.

As for her future plans, Dorcas is focused on continuing to upskill and grow her career in the blockchain and DeFi industry. She is passionate about the potential of this emerging technology and believes that it has the power to change the world for the better. She wants to be a part of that change, using her skills and expertise to help build a better, more equitable future for everyone.

For anyone looking to join EkoLance, Dorcas advises committing to the program wholeheartedly. Stay focused, participate fully in all activities, take notes, and complete all assignments. By doing so, you'll have a rich learning experience that can take your career to new heights.

Dorcas's story is a testament to the power of upskilling and the value of practical, hands-on training. EkoLance has helped her achieve her career goals and set her on a path to success in the fast-paced, exciting world of blockchain and DeFi. For anyone looking to start or grow their career in this field, EkoLance is the ideal training platform that offers comprehensive and industry-focused training that delivers real results.

Valuable lessons that can be drawn from Dorcas’s career journey:

Dorcas's career journey offers valuable lessons for anyone looking to upskill their career in the fast-paced world of Web3. Here are some lessons that can be learned:

1. Embrace lifelong learning: Dorcas's decision to take DeFi classes and apply for EkoLance's training highlights the importance of embracing lifelong learning. In a constantly evolving industry like blockchain, staying up-to-date with the latest trends is essential to remain relevant and successful.

2. Persistence pays off: Despite facing challenges and school commitments, Dorcas persisted in completing the EkoLance training. Her determination to finish what she started paid off in the form of valuable skills, knowledge, and a contract job with 02k from EkoLance’s recruiting services. The lesson here is to persevere through challenges and stay committed to your goals.

3. Value-driven approach to education: EkoLance's value-driven approach to training and talent management was a key factor in Dorcas's success. The company's focus on practical, structured, and detail-oriented training helped her to acquire skills that she could apply immediately in her career.

4. Follow your passion: Dorcas's love for finance and wealth drove her towards the blockchain and DeFi industry. Following her passion gave her the motivation to upskill her career and explore new opportunities. It's essential to pursue a career that aligns with your interests and passions for long-term fulfillment and success.

5. Embrace community: Dorcas's involvement in EkoLance's community of like-minded professionals provided her with the support, resources, and network she needed to succeed. Joining a community of professionals, mentors, and supporters can help individuals navigate the challenges of upskilling their careers and accessing new opportunities. You can apply for EkoLance free mentorship sessions here.


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