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How To Land Web3 Jobs Through Networking

As a Web3 professional, one of the easiest ways to land a Web3 job is to connect with other potential professionals in the space– thus the need for effective networking. It helps you know everything that there is to know about Web3 and stand out.

When we think of networking, it should not be misplaced for spamming, stalking, and ridiculously seeking attention as many people don't understand the essence and thus fail to achieve their networking goals. Networking is the process of establishing and maintaining positive and mutually beneficial relationships that can be incredibly beneficial for your personal and professional growth. 

According to Eventible, establishing and maintaining a professional network can help you find new clients, get valuable advice, and open up new opportunities for growth and collaboration. 

We want to help you land your dream Web3 job, that is why in this article, we will walk you through;

  • The Need For Networking in the Web3 Ecosystem

  • 5 Benefits of Networking to Professionals in Web3

  • How to Network and Land Web3 Jobs

  • Do's and Don'ts of Networking in the Web3 Industry

Image depicting a diverse group networking at a Web3 meetup event.
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The Need For Networking in the Web3 Ecosystem

Web3 technology presents a multitude of ever-changing opportunities, serving as an eye-opener of what a decentralized internet should entail. It envisions an environment where users can interact freely without sacrificing ownership or identity. Given its complex ecosystem, attempting to grasp and leverage the entirety of Web3 alone can be mentally taxing — hence the need to network.

Networking isn’t just about receiving help and support. It’s also about giving back and being a source of assistance to others. By sharing your expertise and resources, you can help others overcome their challenges and succeed. This not only gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction, but it can also enhance your professional reputation and grow the industry. As others see you as a valuable source of information and support, they are more likely to think of you when they need help or when they come across opportunities that could benefit you. 

Overall, networking is a two-way street that requires both giving and receiving. By being open to helping others and sharing your knowledge and resources, you can not only benefit from the support of others, but you can also contribute to the success of your peers and build a stronger professional network.

5 Benefits of Networking to Professionals in Web3

1. Stay Updated With Valuable Industry Insights: Talking to other professionals and building relationships with them allows you to learn about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in your field. This can help you stay informed and plan new strategies as your industry evolves.

For example, if you’re a Smart Contract Developer, networking at conferences like; the International Conference on Decentralized Applications and Infrastructures (DAPPS) can help you learn about new technologies or trends that are emerging. This can help you stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions. 

Similarly, if you’re in the marketing industry, networking can help you learn about new marketing strategies or techniques that are proving to be effective. This can help you stay competitive and ensure that you’re using the most effective marketing tactics for your business.

2. Increase your job opportunities: Actively building networks helps to keep you in the mind of others when opportunities such as job openings arise. It increases your likelihood of being referred to a job opportunity that can change or turn your career around. 18% of the workers have applied for their current position through their friends or former colleagues. Don’t forget that many job vacancies don’t even get advertised, so being recognized as part of a network is a key way to gain access to opportunities.

3. Build Your Credibility: In your career journey, networking is like building a house of cards; each connection forged is beneficial to your professional reputation. The more successful connections you establish, the more reliable you become in the eyes of others.

Therefore, by actively networking and cultivating a robust network of professional connections, you are essentially laying a solid foundation for your credibility within the Web3 space. This credibility serves as a cornerstone for various advantages and opportunities.

4. Access to New Clients: By building relationships with potential employers and professionals in Web3, you can tap into a new pool of clients. This can be especially helpful if you’re trying to expand your client base or if you’re looking for new projects to work with. One way to access new clients through networking is by building relationships with CEOs, project owners, or professionals online and live events.

5. Get Web3 Career Support: Web3 networking is like having a circle of friends who are all experts in the fields.  Navigating the complexities of the Web3 industry can be daunting, but networking provides a support network of like-minded individuals who can offer guidance, mentorship, and encouragement along the way.  Additionally, offering genuine assistance to your professional contacts can help to establish strong relationships that may be called upon for support in the future. It is important to regularly engage with and support your professional contacts to foster these relationships and build a strong network.

How to Network and Land Web3 Jobs

Image depicting Smiling biracial women in Web3, discussing and networking over a laptop at a female Web3 conference.
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1. Plan And Strategize

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Planning is essential for every networking in Web3, whether you're just starting or you are a seasoned pro. It provides clarity on your goals and helps anticipate and address potential challenges. Unfortunately, many overlook or rush through this foundational step, but without proper planning, landing that dream job might not be possible.

Here's how to craft a plan:

  • Write down your skills and strengths.

  • Define the type of individuals you aim to connect with. Are you targeting peers in your field or industry leaders?

  • Determine your preferred networking platforms, online; Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Discord, or in-person events.

  • Set specific goals. What do you aim to achieve through networking? Whether it's landing new clients, collaborations, or career advancement, clarity on your objectives is essential.

  • Assess why someone would want to engage with you. This reality check helps identify potential obstacles and refine your approach to networking

2. Participate in Online Hackathon Platforms

Hackathons and developer challenges are excellent for networking, showcasing your skills, and landing a Web3 job. An example of an online hackathon platform is techFiesta. At techFiesta, you can participate in hackathons, developer challenges, and crowd tasks. This helps you gain more hands-on experience and lots of opportunities to earn stablecoins, get high-paying jobs from international companies, and have a high chance of getting grants to explore entrepreneurship. Regardless of your technical background, you will have access to an extensive range of job opportunities on techFiesta. 

3. Join and Engage in Communities Activities

Web3 thrives on vibrant communities. This can range from Telegram groups and Discord Servers to subreddits and other social platforms buzzing with web3 enthusiasts exchanging ideas, educating one another, and fostering inspiration. Communities serve as the primary entry point for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the Web3 ecosystem.

Joining these communities exposes you to a diverse array of personalities. Here's how to contribute meaningfully to any community you're part of:

  • Stay active. Don't fade into the background; actively participate in discussions and engagements.

  • Identify and address gaps in the community's knowledge or resources. Many Web3 communities crave updates on the latest technological advancements, so providing such insights can be invaluable.

  • Foster engagement among community members. Avoid coming across as a spammer; instead, aim to be recognized as a valuable contributor. Pose thought-provoking, open-ended questions that encourage everyone to share their perspectives, regardless of whether they align with conventional wisdom. For instance, you could inquire about the potential drawbacks of Web3 or the latest tactics employed by hackers and scammers in the Web3 industry.

4. Participate in Events and Meetups

Another effective way to expand your network within the Web3 community is by actively engaging in relevant events and meetups aligned with your interests and objectives. Whether online or offline, seek out events tailored to the projects or protocols you're involved with or keen to explore further.

Leverage platforms like AIXR where you can network ahead of time, search and filter all online and in-person events, and build on your knowledge before attending events in the Metaverse industry. Other platforms like Eventbrite and DevEvents have a list of upcoming blockchain conferences and events.

Attending events provides invaluable opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, share insights, and demonstrate your expertise or projects. It's not just about expanding your network; it's about actively participating in the vibrant Web3 community and contributing to its growth and innovation. Whether you're showcasing your latest project, seeking collaborators, or simply seeking to expand your knowledge base, events, and meetups serve as fertile grounds for networking and professional development.

5. Learn the Art of Cold Messaging

One of the most effective ways to network is by sending a direct message (DM). Unlike cold emails, DMs are less formal and allow the sender to convey a more personal touch. When reaching out via platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn, having an established social presence beforehand can make it easier for the recipient to familiarize themselves with you through your social activity. However, crafting a successful cold DM is not as simple as it seems; it requires a good strategy to avoid coming across as spammy. Here's a guide to sending cold DM that makes sense:

  • Conduct thorough research on the individual you're messaging. Learn about their interests, achievements, and what sets them apart. This background knowledge will enable you to personalize your message with genuine compliments.

  • Ensure you're actively engaging with the recipient on social media platforms by following them and interacting with their posts through likes and comments. This engagement increases the likelihood of receiving a response to your DM.

  • Introduce yourself succinctly and mention how you came across their profile. Keeping the introduction simple and genuine sets a positive tone for the conversation.

  • Clearly articulate the reason for reaching out, whether it's due to their expertise, accomplishments, or personal branding style. Transparency is key to establishing trust.

  • Share a brief overview of your own relevant experience. For instance, if you're a Rust Developer, explain your interest in the field and the progress you've made thus far.

  • Specify why you're hoping to connect with them and what you aim to gain from the interaction. Being clear and specific demonstrates sincerity and helps set expectations.

  • Conclude your message with an open-ended question that invites further dialogue. For instance, you could ask for insights or advice related to your shared interests. This encourages the recipient to engage in a meaningful conversation.

Do's and Don'ts of Networking in the Web3 Industry

The Web3 space is all about connection. As a professional in this dynamic field, your ability to build a strong network is essential for landing opportunities, staying relevant, and making a lasting impact. Here's a guide to things you must do and not do when networking:


  • Be Proactive: Don't wait for opportunities to come to you.

  • Offer Value First: Networking is a two-way street. Focus on providing value to others by sharing your knowledge, offering insights, and engaging in genuine conversations.

  • Be Authentic and Passionate: Let your enthusiasm for Web3 shine through! People connect with genuine passion, so let your excitement for the space be your guide.

  • Become a Resource: Establish yourself as a valuable asset by sharing informative content, participating in discussions, and offering help when possible.

  • Follow-up: Don't let connections fade. Follow up after meeting someone, express your appreciation for their time, and stay connected through relevant updates.


  • Just Sell Yourself: Networking is about building relationships, not just promoting yourself. Avoid being overly promotional or solely focused on your job search.

  • Being Needy or Entitled: Building trust takes time. Don't expect immediate job offers or favors. Focus on fostering genuine connections.

  • Neglect Online Presence: Make sure your online profiles like LinkedIn showcase your expertise and Web3 interests.

  • Underestimating the Power of Small Talk: Casual conversations can lead to unexpected connections. Be friendly and open to meeting new people.

  • Burn Bridges: Always be respectful, even if a connection doesn't lead to an immediate opportunity. You never know when your paths might cross again.


The Web3 ecosystem is a fertile ground for innovation and collaboration. By fostering a strong network of connections, you, as a Web3 professional, become an active participant in shaping the future of this dynamic ecosystem. Remember, It’s all a process that needs to be undergone gradually. Your network is a powerful tool that can unlock hidden opportunities, keep you informed, and establish you as a valuable asset within the Web3 community. So, put yourself out there, engage with others, and watch your network become the bridge to your Web3 career success.

At EkoLance, we are committed to helping professionals like you navigate the job market, land jobs with reputable companies, and succeed in your careers. That's why we organize training and mentorship programs where professionals can build and advance in their Web3 careers. Our trainers are not just experienced but also have a proven track record of success in the blockchain space. They provide invaluable insights and guidance, sharing their experience and knowledge to help you develop your skills and build your career. 

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