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The Summary of EkoLance’s Second Blockchain Content Creator Training

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

The image is passing a message to blockchain enthusiasts about an upcoming blockchain content creator training organized by EkoLance, a web3 skill-training, and recruitment firm.

EkoLance's second blockchain content creator training ended on the 3rd of January, 2023. It was a six-week training for professionals who want to build a blockchain content creation career. We received 600+ applications, accepted 176 professionals to acquire content creation skills, and 44 graduated after the training program.

EkoLance invited six industry experts from well-known brands to teach the admitted professionals everything they needed to know about creating valuable and compelling content for blockchain companies.

The trainers for the blockchain content creator training were Jehu Oreri of idapp, Alexandra Overgaag of Thrilld Labs, Brian Becerra of BeInCrypto, Jona Hauch of Blockchain Founders Group (BFG), Alexandra Kons of Proof-of-Talk, and Emmanuel Tope Ogunsakin of EkoLance.

The trainers taught the professionals, assisted them in between the weekly classes, gave them relevant materials, and provided answers to all their questions.

The EkoLance team will help the content creators get jobs after they finish the training.

Some of the blockchain content creators that graduated
Some of the blockchain content creators that graduated

Structure of the content creator training

  • Six weeks of 90-minute sessions were held every Tuesday.

  • Each training session ended with assignments that the content creators must submit before the next class.

  • For each session, the trainers were readily available to answer all the questions from the professionals.

  • The training sessions were completely remote. All classes took place on Zoom, and Discord was used for interaction.

Blockchain Content Creator Training Curriculum

For each week of training, the admitted professionals learned the hard and soft skills they need to do their jobs well. They were able to put these skills into practice through their weekly assignments. Here is the detailed curriculum for the blockchain content creator training:

Week 1: How to Create a Content Plan

Week 2: How to Create Web3-Specific Content

Week 3: Writing and Editing Blockchain Articles

Week 4: Search Engine Optimization

Week 5: Audio Content Creation

Week 6: Repurposing Web3-Specific Content

Summary of the content creator training sessions

Week 1: How to Create a Content Plan

Jehu Oreri from idapp started the session by teaching the professionals how to create an effective content marketing plan. After this session, they were able to make a content plan suitable for a Web3 audience, including how it would be produced, where it would be posted, and the right time it should be posted.

Week 2: Creating Web3-Specific Content

Alexandra Overgaag from Thrilld Labs showed the content creators how to create blockchain-related content and shared some best practices. The content creators used the tips shared to create quality content, which they shared across many social media platforms.

Week 3: Writing and Editing Blockchain Articles

The tutor for the third week was Brian Becerra from BeInCrypto. He educated the content creators on how to edit blockchain articles and the right structure to follow. With the knowledge gathered from this session, the professionals were able to write a valuable blockchain article on their own.

Week 4: Search Engine Optimization

Jona Hauch from Blockchain Founders Group (BFG) introduced SEO to the content creators. He taught them how to conduct SEO analysis, optimize an article, and the importance of search engine optimization. The content creators used the SEO tools and tips shared in the session to create long-form blog posts that were optimized and compelling.

Week 5: Audio Content Creation

Alexandra Kons from Proof-of-Talk spoke to the professionals on the topic ‘Audio content creation in the Web3 space’ and shared best practices with them. With all of the tips shared with the content creators, they were able to create audio content that was super amazing.

Week 6: Repurposing Web3-Specific Content

Emmanuel Tope Ogunsakin from EkoLance took the final training session. He showed the content creators how to repurpose content and transform it into a new format to expand its reach.

Some Viral Content Samples Written by the Content Creators

Throughout the training session, the content creators wrote amazing articles and social media posts, and some even explored video content creation.

Take a look at some of the viral content created by the professionals in the course of the training:

About EkoLance

EkoLance is a skill-training and recruitment company that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the specific requirements of your preferred career in the blockchain industry. In addition to providing skill training, we partner with global tech companies in finding and hiring qualified candidates from our talent pool.

EkoLance can provide you with quality crypto content creators and social media managers who can generate organic traffic and leads for your business. Contact us today for inquiries on how we can work together to promote your blockchain project and take it to the next level.

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