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EkoLance 2022 End-of-Year Update

For EkoLance, 2022 was a year of building. We effectively brought to life an exciting idea and laid the groundwork for bigger things.

An image showing the summary of all EkoLance achieved in 2022.

EkoLance was founded in March 2022 to make the web3 industry more diverse by growing a network of high-quality professionals from emerging countries and offering exceptional recruitment services to blockchain companies. Through this concept, we have sped up the hiring process of web3 talents and reduced the time blockchain companies spend on assessment tests and multiple interviews. This idea ensures that brands can now focus on the day-to-day operations of their organization while we partner with them to provide professionals from our vast talent pool to meet the organization's unique needs.

We have accomplished a lot in our 9 months of existence. We have many achievements to be proud of within a short period, including training over 2,000 blockchain professionals, having a presence in 10+ countries, organizin