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EkoLance Receives Grant from HUMAN Protocol to Build First Decentralized Job Platform for WEB3 Jobs

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

An image visualizing the partnership between HUMAN Protocol, a platform that supports the creation of secure, decentralized job markets at scale, and EkoLance, a web3 skill-training and recruitment platform.
EkoLance receives Grant from HUMAN Protocol

We are proud and excited to announce that EkoLance will work with the HUMAN Protocol to revolutionize the work distribution ecosystem and facilitate the exchange of knowledge, funds, work, and contributions on chain.

The HUMAN grants program will help us to fund, develop, and deploy a well-researched concept on the HUMAN protocol. EkoLance’s big idea is to launch a decentralized job distribution platform which will be used by a closed group of about 50 000 selected, trained and certified Web3 professionals. EkoLance corporate partners will have exclusive access to it and can launch job requests on chain.

This grant is the first step to building this unique feature on the HUMAN protocol, and as we progress, we plan to launch more features that will benefit the entire blockchain ecosystem.

“Currently EkoLance facilitates hundreds of job requests per week. Bringing them on the HUMAN Protocol will make them automated and their validation faster and more secure both for the companies as well as for the workers. This is the future of work distribution and we are happy to be at the front of this innovation.” - Maria Eneva-Olms, CEO at EkoLance

We are excited that this collaboration will pave the way for creating a powerful blockchain-based platform to help workers earn and complete tasks and provide blockchain companies access to unlimited access to quality web3 talents.

“Human Protocol automates job processes and offers flexibility in job application and on-chain settlement. Micropayments are facilitated at scale, too, to enable the mass execution of work. The Protocol is establishing new markets for jobs that were previously too small to account for” - Andreas Schemm, Ecosystem & Operations Director at HUMAN Protocol

Existing Method of Work and Reward Distribution: The Web2 Way

The blockchain industry is growing rapidly, and EkoLance is preparing professionals for new roles in it by providing training in areas like content creation, community management, and solidity development. Experts in the field are invited to teach the professionals, and throughout the 6-13 weeks of training, they work on various assignments and projects.

Companies can recruit from the EkoLance talent pool by participating in hackathons and giving assignments to the professionals in training. The best performers in the hackathons get invited to join the recruitment process of our corporate partners.

Working on weekly assignments and regularly holding hackathons is related to the creation of hundreds of job requests to the EkoLance talent pool. Organizing and validating these jobs has a large manual component when it is not executed with the help of blockchain technology.

An Optimized Solution Using the HUMAN Protocol

HUMAN Protocol ignites the future of work. It offers any project an automated, trustless way to fulfill its work requirements.

Beyond the tangible benefits mentioned above, HUMAN Protocol brings work on-chain. Until now, blockchains have been a way to govern finances, but with HUMAN Protocol, work can now be governed, automated, and executed.

Here are the expected impacts of the decentralized job distribution platform on the EkoLance community:

1.Automated process for workshops and hackathons

The HUMAN Protocol will serve as the medium for organizing hackathons, training, and workshops for EkoLance professionals, transforming them from untapped potential to a key, indispensable — and exceptional — workforce.

2. Automation of the job verification process

A dedicated validator determines whether or not they meet the required standard. It's all predetermined and automated; there's little or no room for subjectivity. The program is developed to automate, evaluate, and guarantee fair Protocol interactions. This will reduce manual processes and eliminate human error and complexity.

3. Access to a closed pool of skilled web3 professionals for EkoLance corporate partners

This decentralized job distribution platform on HUMAN Protocol will connect EkoLance corporate partners to diverse workforces within our ecosystem. They can atomize big jobs into thousands of smaller tasks. A work request could be an entire document, with photos sent to one application, text to another, and videos to another. No micromanagement is required. Work sent on the platform is taken care of by HUMAN Protocol, or they can loop in the specifics of the work they want to be completed.

4. Access to exclusive blockchain job opportunities for EkoLance professionals

All EkoLance professionals will have access to many job opportunities from our corporate partners. They can apply for jobs, and anyone who meets a specific requirement will be selected. Workers who devote the most time, efficiency, and skill to every task assigned earn higher reputation scores and become "front of the queue" when new job opportunities arise. The system encourages and rewards excellence. That is the core of the HUMAN job market; it is designed to be open, fair, and transparent.

5. Automation of the reward distribution

Projects can submit their own proofs of exemplary answers to establish the ground truth for an Oracle to check the quality of a task. This process is automated, and only jobs that meet the specified threshold are paid for.

Workers' funds are distributed fairly across the Protocol. Requesters and Workers can see the current prices for completing a specific job. Because the Protocol is blockchain compatible, anybody can see where funds are moving. The settled amounts the escrows paid to workers or received from requesters are viewable in each on-chain order book. This brings professionals closer to the rewards of their work.

Benefits of HUMAN Grants Program to EkoLance

In addition to funds, EkoLance will receive:

  1. Development and strategy support

  2. Dedicated technical support

  3. Marketing support

  4. Access to ecosystem specialists

  5. Access to HUMAN grants community

Through the HUMAN Grants program, we hope to onboard 50 000 web3 professionals by 2023 and partner with thousands of blockchain companies as corporate partners. We will continue to help professionals in advancing their web3 careers so they may work with tech businesses and entrepreneurs to identify ways to use web3 technologies to make the world a better place.

About HUMAN Protocol

HUMAN Protocol is a broadly applicable technology to connect and validate human and machine Workers. This begins with multi-chain operability through integrations with Solana, Polkadot, and Chainlink, among others, ensuring the security, sustainability, and robustness of the Protocol and the job markets that depend upon it.

It provides blockchain infrastructures to record, verify and reward any contribution. To date, it has been applied to data-labeling markets and human-verification solutions such as Proof of HUMANity which provides bot protection to DApps.

HUMAN Protocol is the beginning of a future of work, demonstrating how human contribution can be verified and represented on-chain and rewarded through an automated protocol.

About EkoLance

EkoLance is a skill-training and recruitment company that equips professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the specific requirements of a preferred career in the blockchain industry. In addition to providing skill training, EkoLance partners with global tech companies in finding and hiring qualified candidates from its talent pool.

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