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EkoLance Receives Grant from HUMAN Protocol to Build First Decentralized Job Platform for WEB3 Jobs

An image visualizing the partnership between HUMAN Protocol, a platform that supports the creation of secure, decentralized job markets at scale, and EkoLance, a web3 skill-training and recruitment platform.
EkoLance receives Grant from HUMAN Protocol

We are proud and excited to announce that EkoLance will work with the HUMAN Protocol to revolutionize the work distribution ecosystem and facilitate the exchange of knowledge, funds, work, and contributions on chain.

The HUMAN grants program will help us to fund, develop, and deploy a well-researched concept on the HUMAN protocol. EkoLance’s big idea is to launch a decentralized job distribution platform which will be used by a closed group of about 50 000 selected, trained and certified Web3 professionals. EkoLance corporate partners will have exclusive access to it and can launch job requests on chain.

This grant is the first step to building this unique feature on the HUMAN protocol, and as we progress, we plan to launch more features that wi