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From Hackathon to Hire: A Web3 Career Guide

Here's what you'll learn:


  • Understanding hackathons

  • Choosing the right hackathons for your Web3 career

  • Pre-hackathon guide: Positioning yourself for career success 

  • Post hackathon guide: Crafting a Web3-Focused Resume

  • How to ace your Web3 Job interview


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🚀🌐 Get pro tips that can take you from hackathon to getting hired in this Web3 career guide🚀

In this guide, we covered the essential strategies and insights that will help you maximize hackathons to advance your Web3 career. From pre-hackathon preparation to post-hackathon execution and how to get hired.


Don't miss out on this opportunity as a Web3 professional. Download our guide today and learn the most effective ways to successfully go from hackathon to hire.

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