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Careers in Web3 - Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The image shows four web 3 professionals who shared their expertise and experience working in the web 3.0 space.

Ekolance organized a panel discussion on zoom where we invited four web3 professionals to share with us their experience with working in the blockchain industry. The web3 professionals are:

1. Jocelyne Royer, a marketing consultant

2. Oliver Schantin, the co-founder and CEO of

3. Mona Tiesler, investment manager at Tokentus

4. Brian Becerra, ambassador at BeInCrypto

The Hottest Jobs In The Blockchain Space

The first discussion point was around the hottest job in the crypto industry right now. As blockchain becomes more adopted, new employment opportunities keep arising and people are constantly looking for ways to position themselves.

“The hottest jobs in web3 are developer, compliance and regulation expert, and community manager. Developers are hot commodities because lots of startups are growing and building solutions. Compliance specialists are scarce, and it offers good career opportunities. And lastly, community managers are important to firms because they manage and maintain their community. I'm not any of these; instead, I became a venture capitalist because I love it. Whatever your background is, you can succeed” - Mona Tiesler, Investment manager at Tokentus

Oliver Schantin added that developers are truly more sought after. Also, according to him, creatives and copywriters are in high demand because of the need for SEO writing. Lastly, brands are constantly looking for marketers, especially those who understand the language of crypto.

Are Companies Looking For Writers and Marketing Experts?

Brian Becerra, an ambassador at BeInCrypto said that there is a huge opportunity in the writing niche when you are a crypto advocate as you will help preach about crypto, and if you are not so good when you are just starting, good editors can help you. It's essential that you focus on what you like and build on it. Once you give or seek in the web3 space, money will flow to you.

“Marketing is definitely the main profession that startups are looking for, especially on a strategic level because of the present market condition. Also, for me, I think the hottest jobs in web3 are developer, those who have a product, and marketing professionals like creatives, tech writers and designers” — Jocelyne Royer, Marketing consultant

How To Build Your Career as a Blockchain Marketer

Marketing roles have some of the highest levels of competition on job boards. Although this may seem like the best option for people who have a marketing background but to succeed in this career, you need to be clear about your expertise and constantly look for ways to improve your skills in this fast-growing space.

“Everyone in the blockchain space is still learning because it's a novel technology. To succeed as a marketer in tech, you need to be informed about happenings in the space, speak to your audience in the right manner, ask like-minded people questions, attend events and conferences, stay curious, analyze how others do their marketing, and apply it to the project you are working on”— Jocelyne Royer, Marketing consultant

How To Become an Ambassador in the Blockchain Space

Brand ambassadors make connections that help any blockchain company they work for gain exposure and seal greater opportunities for blockchain to thrive. They are also in charge of disseminating more information about blockchain, which is vital to the widespread use of cryptocurrencies.

“To become an ambassador in web3, you need to belong and stay connected to communities, get a mentor who will share tips with you frequently, make social links and empower brands, and lastly, share educational content to explain the concept of blockchain to people” — Brian Becerra, Ambassador at BeInCrypto

Where To Start Learning About Crypto

Mona Tiesler recommended the Coin bureau Youtube channel because it did help her greatly. Coursera and Udemy are good learning platforms as well. She concluded by adding that understanding the space and investing in continuous knowledge makes you smarter and empowering.

“The DeFi Talents and DLT Talents programs are great. Also, what helped me was learning by doing. I downloaded Metamask and some other crypto platforms, and I began interacting with them; this excited me to learn even more”—Oliver Schantin, the co-founder and CEO of

Start Your Blockchain Career at EkoLance

EkoLance is a skill-training and recruitment company that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the specific requirements of your preferred career in the blockchain industry. In addition to providing skill training, we partner with global tech companies in finding and hiring qualified candidates from our talent pool.

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