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Upcoming Zoom Session

Integrating OnRamp and OffRamp services into web applications

19th Oct 2023, 5 PM WAT/6 PM CET

Join us for an enlightening session on the seamless integration of OnRamp and OffRamp services into web applications. In today's digital landscape, user experience is paramount, and the ability to efficiently onboard and offboard users is a critical aspect of any successful web application.


This session will delve into the strategies, tools, and best practices for integrating OnRamp services, which facilitate user registration, authentication, and account setup, as well as OffRamp services, which enable user account management, deactivation, and data export. We will explore how these services can enhance the user journey, improve security, and streamline administrative tasks for web applications across various industries.

Session Highlights:


  • Understanding OnRamp and OffRamp Services

  • Discuss various integration strategies for incorporating OnRamp and OffRamp services into web applications effectively.

  • Discuss strategies for safeguarding user data and maintaining compliance with relevant privacy regulations.

  • Q&A Session, etc

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Meet Joshua

Joshua Nwankwo.jpeg
  • LinkedIn

Joshua Nwankwo

Developer Relation Engineer at Mirror World

Joshua is an accomplished Developer Relations Engineer, boasting more than four years of hands-on engineering experience and a solid educational foundation in Computer Science. 


He is passionate about empowering developers and is dedicated to assisting them in crafting impactful technical content. Prior to his role as a DevRel engineer at MirrorWorld, Joshua built a successful career as a full-time frontend engineer with several reputable companies.


However, driven by his deep affection for developer communities, he made the transition to Developer Relations, where he could channel his enthusiasm for nurturing and supporting the growth of fellow developers

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