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EkoLance is Set to Launch the First-Ever Hackathon Platform Built on Blockchain

An image that passes a message that EkoLance will be launching techFiesta soon, the first-ever hackathon platform built on blockchain. Join the waiting list today and revolutionize your innovation experience!

We are proud to announce that EkoLance is set to launch the first-ever hackathon platform built on blockchain. The revolutionary hackathon platform, techFiesta, is being built by EkoLance in partnership with HUMAN Protocol. techFiesta is poised at harnessing the power of blockchain technology to provide an unparalleled innovative process for developers who are passionate about creating cutting-edge solutions, collaborating with top companies in the industry, and showcasing their skills on a global stage.

Hackathons are a crucial part of the tech industry, providing developers with a platform to innovate, learn, and collaborate. However, despite the numerous benefits, participating in hackathons can be challenging for developers. Oftentimes, they struggle with receiving timely payments, insufficient support, difficulty in finding innovative companies to work with, and limited resources.

This leads to frustration and disillusionment with the hackathon process, which in turn affects their willingness to participate in future hackathon events.

At EkoLance, we understand these challenges and have taken steps to address them. The platform we are building will not only connect developers with innovative companies and protocols in the industry but also ensures a fast and secure payment in stablecoins via smart contracts. This will allow developers to focus on what they do best - creating innovative applications - without worrying about the challenges that come with participating in a hackathon.

The techFiesta platform aims to onboard developers from all walks of life who are passionate about building solutions in different fields of technology.

“Developers are an essential part of the hackathon process, and that is why we are committed to providing them with a platform that empowers them to innovate, create, and be rewarded for their contributions. We believe that by empowering developers, we can help drive innovation and shape the future of technology.”— Maria Eneva-Olms, CEO of EkoLance

With EkoLance's partnership with HUMAN Protocol and the innovative use of blockchain technology, we are confident that techFiesta will reshape the future of hackathons, empowering developers and businesses alike to achieve their full potential.

Revolutionizing the Hackathon Experience: Benefits for Developers

With amazing features on the techFiesta platform, we will transform the hackathon experience for developers and pioneer a new era of collaborative innovation. Outlined below are the features developers can expect when participating in a hackathon in techFiesta:

1. Get to work with the most innovative and actively building tech companies in the industry which will be participating in the hackathons.

2. Enjoy fast and secure payment in stablecoins using a blockchain technology developed by HUMAN, which is audited and secure. By connecting their wallet to the platform, developers will receive payment directly through an escrow account, ensuring fast and secure payment with no disputes or delays. This is made possible through smart contracts, which eliminate human error or delay.

3. This hackathon platform is launched by EkoLance, a leading blockchain educational platform. When developers participate in hackathons, they automatically become part of the EkoLance community where they will frequently get upskilling opportunities with educational workshops, seminars, and events.

4. The blockchain companies and protocols we work with are interested in building products and also increasing and supporting developer communities. This will provide developers who want to be an entrepreneur an opportunity to turn their DApps into businesses and stand a chance to get grants from the hackathon sponsors.

Participating in hackathons also offers opportunities for developers to get noticed by companies sponsoring the events, which may be on the lookout for talented developers to hire or work with on a freelance basis.

Unique Advantages of Participating in Our Hackathons

Here are reasons why our hackathons are the best in the industry:

1. Gain exclusive insights from top professionals in the field to guide you throughout the hackathon process.

2. Interact with other developers in real time, ask questions, and collaborate to achieve your goals.

3. Improve your chances of securing a full-time or a freelance position through exposure to our vast network of industry partners.

4. You can turn your skills into a source of income by connecting with businesses in need of your service.

5. In addition to monetary rewards, we also offer on-chain certificates (NFTs) that can help you build a reputation within the industry and beyond.

Who can participate in Hackathons on techFiesta?

TechFiesta is a vibrant and diverse ecosystem where developers from all corners of the world can converge and participate in hackathons. Whether you're a seasoned programmer or just a developer with a few years of experience, our platform is designed to provide a supportive environment where you can develop your skills, collaborate with other participants, and showcase your ideas.

We also welcome non-tech professionals such as marketers, token researchers, community managers, and content creators who have a passion for technology and want to contribute to the development of innovative solutions. Our hackathons provide a unique opportunity for professionals with diverse backgrounds to come together and collaborate on projects that have the potential to change the world.

So come join us at techFiesta and be a part of the future of technology!

How can you join as a hackathon participant on techFiesta?

Joining our hackathons is easy! Simply click here and sign up for our waiting list today and be one of the first developers to participate in our upcoming hackathons with some of the biggest names in the industry in June 2023.

We onboard developers in batches, so don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of the first batch before it closes on May 30th!

About techFiesta

techFiesta is a blockchain-powered hackathon platform that connects passionate professionals from all over the world with top companies and industry experts in the tech space. Our hackathons are designed to provide an engaging and collaborative experience for developers of all levels, as well as professionals from other fields who are interested in technology. Companies that participate in our hackathons have the opportunity to work with a diverse and talented group of tech innovators, harnessing their fresh and inventive ideas to fuel growth and success in their businesses.

Follow us on our various social channels:

Twitter: techFiesta

Discord: techFiesta

Telegram: techFiesta

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