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EkoLance's First Metaverse Event: Welcome to an Edutainment World

An image of EkoLance metaverse building in Decentraland. This is the venue where EkoLance's first metaverse event took place. It is a fantastic Edutainment world.
EkoLance building in the Metaverse

EkoLance shared it’s plans of building the first training and recruitment center in the metaverse to train millions of people in the future to work in the web3 industry, and MetaGameHub DAO will be a partner in building this. The metaverse is a vision of what many believe is the next iteration of the internet. EkoLance wants to harness its tremendous potential to revolutionize the training and recruitment sector. Last week, EkoLance accomplished the first step of a long-term vision of building the first training and recruitment center in the metaverse.

EkoLance and MetaGameHub DAO organized the metaverse event in Decentraland, with 104 participants enjoying the sneak peek of what the first training and recruitment platform will look like. In addition, they got the opportunity to interact and make new friends, after which a short party took place.

At EkoLance, we call it “Edutainment,” the combination of education and entertainment — a new way to learn and interact in a 3D immersive environment. All participants received a POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFT in their Metamask wallet as a badge of honor for attending the event.

“The Metaverse allows web3 to become what it truly is: a backend thing. Therefore the metaverse enables true adoption as the focus shifts from speaking about technology to actually using it.”— Nicolas Weber, CEO of MetaGameHub DAO

It will be an excellent opportunity for the entire web3 industry to leapfrog stale training and recruitment hubs into an “always-on” universe of new experiential and unique opportunities.

The Edutainment Experience

An Image showing what the entrance of EkoLance's building looks like
EkoLance Event in Decentraland

The Edutainment event organized by EkoLance in partnership with MetaGameHubDAO was a one-of-a-kind experience. The event highlighted the key milestones achieved by EkoLance in the past 9 months of its existence, as well as the need to establish a training and recruitment center in the metaverse. This emerging technology offers immense opportunities for the tech industry.

According to a Forbes article, the total addressable market for the metaverse economy could be between $8 - $13 trillion by 2030, with various industry-specific use cases.

The pandemic has taught us the need to stay current with technology-driven solutions. Therefore, we must learn how to reimagine our industry and develop novel and innovative solutions for the future. There is now an abundance of possibilities for digitally enhanced events. EkoLance is exploring how the metaverse concept will impact decision-making as it makes its way into the education and recruitment sectors in the coming years.

The event consisted of four segments: an opening message by Maria Eneva-Olms, CEO of EkoLance, a training session by MetaGameHub DAO on how to build in Decentraland, an interactive AMA session on Twitter, and an After Party with a selfie contest.

Opening Session of the EkoLance Grant Event

An image showing participants arriving at the EkoLance  grant event
EkoLance Grant Event Opening

Maria Eneva-Olms, the founder and CEO of EkoLance, welcomed all participants with a video message. She explained what Ekolance is doing in the web3 industry and how lives are impacted through the various training sessions with industry experts. According to her, the event has a firm mission that focuses on two significant areas, which makes it stand out amidst other metaverse events. The first point is education. The Metaverse event seeks to educate people from all walks of life about the metaverse, how to build in Decentraland, and what it feels like to learn in a vibrant digital world.

Secondly, the metaverse event aims to bring people of various professional backgrounds in the Web3 industry together. This includes blockchain content creators, developers, smart contract auditors, community managers, the founders of iconic brands, and even investors. The event was the perfect opportunity for people to build new professional connections. The edutainment experience was there; all participants learned new things in an entertaining way.

Maria shared EkoLance's plan to build the first training and recruitment hub to train millions of people for the future of work and provide quality web3 talent to blockchain companies. She added that the event was to showcase what training in the metaverse will look like.

She concluded that this hub will showcase different talents, projects, and job openings where professionals can apply for jobs with EkoLance’s corporate partners. To successfully build this, Ekolance applied for a grant from Decentraland, and the vote of the community will be needed for approval of the grant.

Live Training Session on How to Build on Decentraland

The live training session on how to build in Decentraland was taken by MetaGameHub DAO and lasted for one hour. Participants were taught how to use DCL-Edit, the perfect solution for working with the Decentraland SDK.

DCL-Edit is an editor created to simplify workflow when developing with the Decentraland SDK. Participants were taught how to use this tool to place and manipulate objects like in any other state-of-the-art game engine.

They also learned how to make changes to a scene to have an immediate effect. With DCL-Edit, entities can be given identifiers that can instantly be referenced in code.

An image showing how participants were paying rapt attention to the live training session
Live Training Session by MetaGameHub DAO

Twitter Space Session With Participants from the Edutainment World

An AMA session was held on Twitter after the live training session. Maria Eneva-Olms, the CEO of EkoLance, hosted it, and the guest speaker was Jonathan Luebeck, a developer from MetaGameHub DAO.

Maria and Jonathan answered many questions, which the participants had towards the future of the Metaverse and the future of work.

Jonathan concluded that the metaverse is not just a program but a world. Whatever skill you need will depend on the job you see in the metaverse. Examples; include programming, communication, marketers, etc. To listen to the recordings from the Twitter space, click here.

After Party with Music: Entertainment at its Best

To wrap up the event, an after-party of 30 minutes took place, where participants took selfies while they danced and interacted with others. Also, there was a selfie competition where all participants were encouraged to take a screenshot of their screens and post the image on Twitter. Three participants who took the finest pictures won a prize.

Here are some of the fantastic avatar pictures of some of the participants:

Two avatars dancing in the EkoLance building in Decentraland
Avatar Selfie Contest

Many avatars dancing at the afterparty
Afterparty with Dancing and Music

About MetaGameHub DAO

MetaGameHub DAO is the hub for open metaverse experiences. It is focused on acquiring metaverse assets and developing metaverse infrastructure and tools that will return ownership to users. MGH is building the home base within the Open Metaverse to foster an intuitive, aggregated user experience.

To know more about this project, click here to visit their website.

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About EkoLance

EkoLance is a skill-training and recruitment company that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the specific requirements of your preferred career in the blockchain industry. In addition to providing skill training, we partner with global tech companies in finding and hiring qualified candidates from our talent pool.

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