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LinkedIn Optimization for Web3 Professionals

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The image informs web3 professionals about a LinkedIn optimization training organized by EkoLance, a web3 skill-training, and recruitment firm.

LinkedIn is the most popular business networking platform for professionals. LinkedIn had around 875 million users worldwide in October 2022. A well-written LinkedIn profile allows you to develop an online professional brand, which helps you access opportunities and networks that you might not have been aware of if it weren't for social media. According to Forbes, 95% of recruiters use the platform regularly.

For web3 professionals, it is even more important, as a report shows that the top hard skill companies need the most on LinkedIn is blockchain, while the top soft skill is creativity.

On LinkedIn, you can showcase your skills, profile, connections, and recommendations. When recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to search for prospects, your profile not only serves as the initial professional impression of you but also shows your credibility and highlights your achievements. A complete LinkedIn profile will get you 21 times more profile views and 36 times more messages.

Many tech professionals are still unaware of the importance of LinkedIn in their job search and are reluctant to utilize it. To position our web3 talents rightly for these enormous opportunities, EkoLance invited a web3 expert, Chukwuemeka Gerald Ibeawuchi, the African community manager at LBank Exchange, to educate them on how to optimize their LinkedIn profiles, increase the visibility of their personal brands and any web3 brands they work for, and what kind of content to share. This article summarizes what was discussed.

8 steps to optimizing a LinkedIn profile

1. Completing your LinkedIn profile

2. Connecting with others

3. Reaching out to your connections

4. Giving and receiving recommendations and endorsements

5. Joining LinkedIn groups

6. Creating and posting engaging posts

7. Looking out for new opportunities and hires

8. Boosting your organization's LinkedIn page

1. Completing your LinkedIn profile

“LinkedIn's internal search algorithm only finds profiles that rank as complete”- Chukwuemeka Gerald Ibeawuchi, African community manager, LBank Exchange

A complete LinkedIn profile includes a quality professional photo and cover image, a concise summary of who you are, your current job position, previous job experiences, and the skills you have.

2. Connecting with others

He shared that LinkedIn enables web3 professionals to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations within the industry. This allows you to be updated with industry trends, opportunities, and relevant information about your chosen field.

3. Reaching out to your connections

Here, Gerald says that once you have connected with someone, you can start talking to them through LinkedIn's messaging facility. However, a premium account gives you an edge over those who use a free version because it allows you to reach out to people who are not your connections.

4. Giving and receiving recommendations and endorsements

“Recommendations are personal testimonials that emphasize your professional abilities, while endorsements are simple notifications confirming that you have a particular skill” - Chukwuemeka Gerald Ibeawuchi, African community manager, LBank Exchange

5. Joining LinkedIn groups

Here, he explained in detail how joining relevant Web3 groups is a great way to develop your professional network. He added that LinkedIn groups are a valuable source of new ideas, information, and support. It also allows you to share what you know with others.

6. Creating and posting engaging post

“Always make sure your post is useful, informative, and relevant to your professional connections”- Chukwuemeka Gerald Ibeawuchi, African community manager, LBank Exchange

Videos, articles, and slides can also be directly posted on LinkedIn. Creating and posting engaging content strengthens your brand identity and establishes you as an authority in your chosen web 3 career.

7. Looking out for new opportunities and hires

Gerald mentioned 4 ways web3 professionals can get job opportunities on LinkedIn. They are:

  • Browsing job opportunities.

  • Using advanced search facilities.

  • Opening pipe builder.

  • Getting a premium career account

8. Boosting your organizational profile

“LinkedIn pages benefit organizations in many ways. Your consumers and clients can use LinkedIn to research your company, and you will also be able to research partners, competitors, potential partners, and new suppliers.”— Chukwuemeka Gerald Ibeawuchi, African community manager, LBank Exchange

The page administrator can gain insight into who visits a page, which allows web3 brands to target their content more effectively.


Web3 professionals can utilize LinkedIn to network within the industry and stay in touch with former and current colleagues. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for job seekers, as well as a fantastic way to remain up to date on industry news, improve your professional reputation, and improve the visibility of your brand.

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