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Highlights From EkoLance's May Community Call

The flier for EkoLance’s May Community Call. In the flier is Maria Eneva-Olms, the Founder and CEO of EkoLance

The EkoLance community recently gathered for its May Community Call, where a wealth of exciting updates and developments were unveiled. The meeting showcased EkoLance's commitment to empowering Web3 professionals and revolutionizing the future of work in the blockchain industry. Let's dive into the key highlights from this insightful meeting:

Ongoing Token Researcher & DeFi Analyst Training

EkoLance is committed to providing top-notch training programs for Web3 professionals, and our current ongoing training program is the Token Researcher & DeFi Analyst Training. This program was launched for professionals who want to become Token Researchers & DeFi Analysts.

Our May Community Call highlighted the ongoing token researcher and DeFi analyst training, where participants gain valuable skills and knowledge to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance.

The Token Researcher and DeFi Analyst training program offered by EkoLance serves as an invaluable opportunity for individuals to enhance their knowledge and expertise in the dynamic world of blockchain. The training commenced on the 18th of April, 2023, and it is held every Tuesday at 6 pm CET, equipping participants with the skills to identify trends, evaluate tokens, and make informed investment decisions.

Obtaining certification as a Token Researcher and DeFi Analyst is not only a significant accomplishment but also unlocks a realm of exciting career prospects within the rapidly evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Graduates of this program can explore diverse employment opportunities, including positions with startups, blockchain companies, financial institutions, asset management firms, and venture capital organizations. Their expertise and insights will prove instrumental in assisting these entities as they navigate the complexities of the blockchain landscape.

With a current cohort of over 70 dedicated participants, the ongoing training program at EkoLance stands as a testament to the industry's growing interest and demand for specialized skills. We are delighted to have partnered with esteemed corporate entities who have contributed valuable speaker sessions to enrich the program's curriculum. Following the 10-week intensive training, these corporate partners will actively hire talented professionals from our pool of graduates, ensuring a seamless transition from learning to real-world application.

New Training Program: Marketing in Web3 Training

EkoLance is delighted to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Marketing in Web3 training program. The training program is for digital entrepreneurs, marketers, and professionals seeking to augment their skills and thrive as successful Web3 Marketers, driving the growth and success of Web3 projects.

The Marketing in Web3 Training program is meant to equip participants with the essential knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the dynamic field of Web3. By joining this program, participants will gain invaluable insights into crafting effective marketing strategies for Web3 projects, fostering community engagement, and establishing a robust brand presence for companies operating in this rapidly evolving landscape.

The training is scheduled to commence on June 7, 2023, at 6 PM CET, and it will span 7 weeks of immersive learning. It will be led by industry experts, and participants will engage in live online sessions that delve into a wide range of pertinent topics. They will also have access to a rich repository of resources, including articles, case studies, interactive exercises, and helpful links.

Upon completion of the program, participants will unlock a world of professional opportunities. As the Web3 ecosystem continues to flourish, the demand for adept Web3 marketers is poised to skyrocket, making this program an essential stepping stone toward a rewarding career.

Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to take your marketing skills to unprecedented heights. Apply now for the Marketing in Web3 Training program and position yourself at the forefront of the future of marketing.

EkoLance Launches a New Website Design

As part of our commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new and improved website design. The revamped design reflects our dedication to creating a seamless and intuitive browsing experience for our community of Web3 professionals and companies.

The new website design features a responsive and modern layout that adapts seamlessly to different devices, ensuring optimal viewing and navigation on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. We have carefully crafted the user interface to be user-friendly, making it easier for visitors to explore our services, training programs, and community resources.

With a clean and visually appealing design, the website showcases the key features and benefits of EkoLance, allowing visitors to quickly grasp the value we offer. The navigation menu has been streamlined to provide easy access to important sections of our website.

The new website also incorporates interactive elements, such as quality images and designs to engage and educate visitors. We believe in the power of visual storytelling, and these elements help to convey complex concepts in a more digestible and engaging format. We have integrated social media buttons throughout the website, enabling visitors to easily connect with us on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord. This allows our community to stay up to date with the latest news, events, and educational content we share. Overall, the launch of our new website design marks an exciting milestone for EkoLance.

Upcoming Launch of techFiesta: Online Hackathon Platform

EkoLance is excited to announce the upcoming launch of techFiesta, a groundbreaking hackathon platform built on blockchain technology in partnership with HUMAN Protocol. This platform is designed to empower developers to showcase their skills, collaborate with top companies in the industry, and create innovative solutions on a global scale. We believe techFiesta will transform the hackathon experience and provide unparalleled opportunities for developers who are passionate about cutting-edge technology.

To be one of the developers who will participate in our upcoming hackathons with some of the biggest names in the industry from July 2023, click here and join our waiting list today.

If your company is interested in participating in our hackathons, you can sign up for our waiting list today by clicking here. Don't miss out on this opportunity to collaborate with talented developers in building the next groundbreaking project.

Upcoming Hackathons

As part of our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration in the Web3 space, we are excited to announce two upcoming hackathons that will provide participants with a platform to showcase their skills and innovate.

1. HUMAN Protocol Hackathon (July): In collaboration with HUMAN Protocol, we will be hosting a hackathon in July 2023. HUMAN Protocol is a broadly applicable technology to connect and validate human and machine Workers. This begins with multi-chain operability through integrations with Solana, Polkadot, and Chainlink, among others, ensuring the security, sustainability, and robustness of the Protocol and the job markets that depend upon it.

It provides blockchain infrastructures to record, verify and reward any contribution. To date, it has been applied to data-labeling markets and human-verification solutions such as Proof of HUMANity which provides bot protection to DApps.

The HUMAN Protocol is the beginning of a future of work, demonstrating how human contribution can be verified and represented on-chain and rewarded through an automated protocol.

2. Aleph Zero Hackathon: We are also thrilled to announce an upcoming hackathon in partnership with Aleph Zero. Aleph Zero is a layer 1 privacy-enhancing blockchain that ensures scalability, low transaction fees, instant finality, and optimal security. It is powered by a novel consensus protocol and the WASM-based technology stack.

With 30+ applications already in development and an Ecosystem Funding Program of $50m in place, Aleph Zero strives to further grow its adoption within the Web3 builders community by providing them with funding, tooling, incubation, and support on all stages of their journey.

Participating in hackathons is not only an opportunity to showcase your skills and win exciting prizes but also a chance to collaborate with industry experts, expand your network, and gain invaluable experience in building tech solutions.

How to Participate: Join the waitlist of techFiesta so you can receive access to these hackathons and more.

Monthly Guides to Support the Career Developments of Web3 Professionals

We are committed to helping blockchain professionals in their career journeys, which is why we launched our monthly guides.

We understand that the blockchain industry is rapidly growing and constantly evolving, which can make it challenging for professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. These monthly guides are designed to provide valuable information that helps professionals enhance their skills, find new opportunities, and achieve their career goals.

Above are the guides we have written for January, February, March, April, and May.

You can download using the links below:

Weekly Community Call on Discord

We believe in the power of community and the importance of fostering meaningful connections among Web3 professionals. That's why we host weekly community calls on Discord, providing an interactive platform for members to engage in discussions, share insights, and seek support from like-minded individuals.

Our community calls are a vibrant space where participants can exchange ideas, ask questions, and receive guidance from our Community Manager and fellow community members. Whether you are a beginner looking for mentorship or an experienced professional willing to share your knowledge, our community calls offer a welcoming environment for everyone to connect and learn from one another.

These calls cover a wide range of topics, including blockchain technology, career development, work-life balance, and emerging trends in the Web3 space. Joining our community calls is a great way to expand your network, gain fresh perspectives, and stay connected with the latest developments in the Web3 industry. Click here to join our Discord Channel.


EkoLance is committed to providing top-notch training programs for blockchain professionals that will help them stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving blockchain industry. The launch of our Marketing in Web3 training is just one of the many training programs we offer. Our focus on providing high-quality training programs has earned us a reputation as a leading blockchain training provider.

The training program is not only beneficial to individuals but also to blockchain companies that are looking to hire top blockchain professionals. As the blockchain industry continues to grow, the demand for blockchain professionals is also increasing. With our training programs, firms can be assured of hiring professionals that have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the blockchain industry.

At EkoLance, we believe that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the world, and we are dedicated to training professionals to help them contribute to this revolution.

Join us today and take your blockchain career to the next level!

For partnerships, sponsorships, and inquiries about our training programs and recruitment services for Web3 brands, reach out to us via email here.

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