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techFiesta, World's First Blockchain-Powered Hackathon Platform, Is Live

techFiesta, the world’s first blockchain-powered hackathon platform, is live. This innovative hackathon platform was built by EkoLance in collaboration with HUMAN Protocol.

techFiesta - World's first blockchain-powered hackathon platform is live. Join now to participate in collaborative tech events and earn rewards.

We are proud to announce our official launch, accompanied by an inaugural hackathon with HUMAN Protocol that promises to challenge the boundaries of innovation. As the world's first platform of its kind, techFiesta sets out to revolutionize the hackathon landscape by providing an immersive and collaborative environment for developers and technology enthusiasts globally.

Hackathons play a vital role in the tech industry. A report by Research and Market projected that the hackathon software market will reach USD 292.2 million by 2026 with a CAGR of 8% during the forecast period. These events offer developers an invaluable opportunity to innovate, learn, and collaborate. However, despite their numerous benefits, participating in hackathons can pose challenges for developers. Many face issues like delayed payments, lack of adequate support, difficulty in finding innovative companies to work with, and limited resources.

These challenges often lead to frustration and disillusionment among developers, impacting their willingness to engage in future hackathon events. At EkoLance, we recognize and empathize with these concerns, and as a result, we have taken proactive measures to address them. Our platform goes beyond merely connecting developers with innovative companies and protocols in the industry. We have designed a system that ensures a swift and secure payment in stablecoins through smart contracts built by HUMAN Protocol, eliminating payment delays and providing developers the peace of mind to focus on what they do best - creating groundbreaking applications - without unnecessary worries associated with hackathon participation.

"We are elated to unveil this groundbreaking hackathon platform, leveraging the power of blockchain to unlock endless possibilities. Our mission is to create an ecosystem that empowers innovators, nurtures talent, and drives the advancement of technology through collaborative efforts."— Maria Eneva-Olms, CEO & Founder of techFiesta

How techFiesta Works

techFiesta's groundbreaking approach to hackathons lies in its seamless integration with the HUMAN Protocol. This partnership ensures a fair, efficient, and transparent process for hackathon participants and organizers alike.

The HUMAN Protocol empowers "Requesters," the companies sponsoring hackathons, to launch hackathons online in the form of "Jobs." These Jobs represent the challenges and tasks that developers will undertake to create solutions. The company creates a smart bounty filled with stablecoins, which serve as the reward pool for the developers' efforts.

Upon completion of the tasks, developers' submissions undergo evaluation by the hackathon sponsors to ensure the quality and accuracy of the work. Once approved, payments are automatically processed to the winners on-chain using HUMAN Protocol's secure and audited blockchain infrastructure. This streamlined payment system guarantees that developers receive their rightful compensation promptly.

First- Ever Hackathon on techFiesta

In the image are the details of the first-ever hackathon on the first blockchain-powered hackathon platform — techFiesta. This hackathon was organized by HUMAN Protocol.

The first-ever event on techFiesta's platform is the hackathon with HUMAN Protocol happening on the 20th of July. During this event, developers will harness the HUMAN Protocol to build innovative solutions. This hackathon will be in an online setting fostering global participation, inspiring experiences, and enticing rewards such as cash prizes, mentorship opportunities, and exclusive access to techFiesta's vibrant community. Each winner will earn 1000 USD and all participants who submit a project will receive an NFT certificate as proof of their work.

Upcoming Hackathons on techFiesta

In the image are the logos of the companies that will host hackathons in the coming weeks on techFiesta, the world's first blockchain-powered hackathon platform.

techFiesta's commitment to innovation extends beyond its debut hackathon. There is a lineup of five more hackathons in the coming weeks with the following companies: Bunzz, Aleph Zero, Concordium, The Hub, Celo, and Gnosis

If you would like to register for the upcoming hackathons on techFiesta, click on each hackathon.

Benefits of Engaging in techFiesta Hackathons: Unleashing Opportunities For Developers

1. Swift and Secure Payments: At techFiesta, we prioritize developers' satisfaction by ensuring fast and secure payment processing through HUMAN Protocol's trusted escrow system. With automatic triggers for payments upon review of work, developers enjoy smooth and timely transactions, free from disputes and delays.

2. NFT Certificates for Building Reputation: Beyond stablecoin rewards, we empower developers with NFT certificates that solidify their professional reputation. These verifiable certificates serve as tangible evidence of their achievements, bolstering their credibility and unlocking new prospects for future endeavors.

3. Connection with Top Tech Companies: techFiesta serves as the gateway for developers to connect with leading tech companies that are driving innovation in the industry. Through our hackathons, developers gain valuable exposure to potential employers and business partners eager to harness their skills and expertise.

4. Access to Upskilling Opportunities: Embracing a holistic approach, techFiesta extends beyond hackathons by welcoming developers into the dynamic EkoLance community. This membership opens doors to a wealth of upskilling opportunities, including educational workshops, seminars, and events, empowering developers to enhance their knowledge and refine their craft.

5. Grants and Funding Prospects: At techFiesta, we encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. As developers showcase their talents during hackathons, they have the chance to receive grants from participating companies. These grants provide valuable financial backing and resources to further nurture and actualize their projects.

6. Real-time Collaboration and Networking: techFiesta fosters a vibrant atmosphere for real-time interaction and collaboration among developers. Through our platform, participants can engage, inquire, and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals, forming meaningful connections that hold the potential for future partnerships and collaborative ventures.

Fueling the Future: Join the techFiesta Revolution

techFiesta extends a warm invitation to developers, tech enthusiasts, and innovative companies worldwide to join the hackathon revolution. Embrace an era of boundless creativity, where collaboration transcends borders and technology drives impactful change.

To learn more about techFiesta, and be part of a thriving global tech community, click here. Unleash your potential, contribute to groundbreaking solutions, and make your mark on the future with techFiesta.

About techFiesta

techFiesta is a blockchain-powered hackathon platform that connects passionate professionals from all over the world with top companies and industry experts in the tech space. Our hackathons are designed to provide an engaging and collaborative experience for developers of all levels, as well as professionals from other fields who are interested in technology. Companies that participate in our hackathons have the opportunity to work with a diverse and talented group of tech innovators, harnessing their fresh and inventive ideas to fuel growth and success in their businesses.

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