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EkoLance Launches Another Smart Contract Audit Training Program

An image of two talented, smart contract auditors working on a laptop. The text on the graphics design is passing a message to aspiring auditors to apply for smart contract audit training organized by EkoLance.

EkoLance has taken a significant step toward bolstering blockchain security by launching another Smart Contract Audit Training Program. This training is aimed at Solidity developers seeking to enhance their expertise and become proficient Smart Contract Auditors.

The primary objective of this Smart Contract Audit Training is to educate participants on the best practices for auditing smart contracts and enhancing their security. The training will commence on September 5th. The training sessions will be held every Tuesday at 6 pm CET for 10 weeks.

The demand for smart contract-based platforms, notably Ethereum, has witnessed a substantial surge. As of August 2022, DeFi protocols alone accounted for a staggering $86.22 billion in total value locked, as reported by

However, the popularity of smart contracts also brings about an escalated risk of security breaches and financial losses. Several high-profile incidents of smart contract code errors illustrate the severity of this issue:

  • In 2017, Parity Technologies suffered a substantial loss of $30 million in Ethereum (ETH) due to a critical weakness in their Ethereum smart contract, as reported by Coindesk.

  • Similarly, in 2016, hackers exploited a security vulnerability to steal $50 million worth of ETH from Genesis DAO's crowdfunding investors.

  • In August 2021, Poly Network experienced a devastating attack where hackers took advantage of a system vulnerability, resulting in the theft of $600 million worth of digital currency.

These alarming instances underscore the vulnerabilities of smart contracts and highlight the urgent need for companies to conduct regular audits. By doing so, potential flaws in the system can be identified and rectified proactively, preventing financial losses and mitigating security risks.

Recognizing the importance of enhancing blockchain product security, EkoLance has launched this training program to empower Web3 developers, enabling them to sharpen their skills and excel in smart contract auditing.

The Smart Contract Audit Training Program is spearheaded by seasoned professionals in Smart Contract Security, who possess extensive experience in conducting audits for prominent blockchain companies. Their expertise and guidance ensure that participants receive top-notch training and insights to secure the blockchain ecosystem effectively.

"As a recruitment firm for blockchain companies, we understand the significance of having a proficient workforce, particularly when it comes to security matters. It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce this Smart Contract Audit training program, aimed at equipping developers with the essential expertise and knowledge required to conduct smart contract audits of excellent quality. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the advancement of a secure and robust blockchain ecosystem,"—Maria Eneva-Olms, CEO of EkoLance.

What are the Benefits of the Smart Contract Audit Training to Applicants?

The Smart Contract Audit Training offers developers various valuable benefits:

1. Immerse themselves in a hands-on learning experience to deepen their understanding of smart contracts.

2. Develop the essential skills and knowledge to identify potential risks associated with smart contracts and comprehend the impact of vulnerabilities when exploited.

3. Join a vibrant and extensive community of blockchain enthusiasts, enabling networking opportunities with fellow Solidity Developers and Smart Contract Auditors.

4. Gain eligibility for potential selection in available positions through EkoLance's esteemed recruitment services.

5. Obtain direct access to EkoLance's corporate partners actively involved in the training program.

6. Earn a prestigious certificate from EkoLance as a Certified Smart Contract Auditor

For those interested in applying for this exceptional training opportunity, kindly click here.

Importance of Smart Contract Auditing to Blockchain Companies

Conducting regular smart contract audits plays a pivotal role for companies engaged in utilizing or developing smart contracts. The following are several ways in which it benefits a Web3 brand:

1. By undergoing the auditing process, companies can proactively identify security issues, weaknesses, and inefficient coding that might lead to financial losses.

2. Smart contract code errors, which can be financially draining, are effectively prevented through these audits.

3. Engaging in frequent audits instills confidence and trust among partners and customers, as it demonstrates a steadfast commitment to security and dependability.

4. Assists businesses in becoming more credible in a competitive industry like blockchain.

In conclusion, companies must prioritize smart contract audits to bolster the security and reliability of their smart contracts. Click here to send us an email for further discussion on how we can partner with your projects and provide you access to well-trained smart contract auditors from our talent pool. They will help you avoid potential vulnerabilities that can put your blockchain project at risk

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EkoLance is a skill-training and recruitment company that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the specific requirements of your preferred career in the blockchain industry. In addition to providing skill training, we partner with global tech companies in finding and hiring qualified candidates from our talent pool.

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