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How African Professionals Can Advance their Web3 Career

Image depicting young African Blockchain professionals taking advantage of resources that can help them advance their careers.
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Web3 technology is swiftly gaining popularity worldwide, offering African professionals an array of unparalleled opportunities. As an African professional, you should position yourself to seize global opportunities and shape the future of the internet. However, carving your path toward such opportunities requires a strategic approach and continuous learning. Keep reading to discover more.

The 2023 Blockchain Talent Report by LinkedIn Learning reveals that blockchain skills are among the most sought-after by employers, ranking number 4 on the list. The report also stated that there is a significant skill gap in the blockchain industry, with demand far outpacing supply.

The demand for professionals holding relevant experience and expertise in this technology has grown extensively. Organizations look forward to improving their business operations by working with professionals with quality experience.

This article is designed to offer practical insights and guidance. It aims to help you navigate the complexities of Web3, develop your skills, and strategically position yourself to take advantage of global opportunities in the Web3 industry.

Global Blockchain Opportunities for African Professionals

The Emerging Jobs Report 2024 by LinkedIn lists Blockchain Developer as the number 1 emerging job in the United States, with a growth rate of 444%. The report also identifies other in-demand blockchain roles, such as Smart Contract Developer, Blockchain Architect, and Crypto Security Engineer. What does the above report mean for you as a Blockchain Developer in Africa? 

The Global Blockchain Technology Market (2023-2030) report offers an in-depth analysis of the global Blockchain Technology market, including a detailed description of market sizing and growth. The report analyzes the global blockchain technology market by value and region, providing regional analysis for various regions such as the US, Europe, Japan, China, and India.

From the above reports, it is clear that the blockchain industry is experiencing explosive growth, presenting immense opportunities for you to take your skills global. 


The crypto industry does not only include Programmers, Data Scientists, and Cryptographers. There is also a large demand for Marketing Specialists, Social Media Managers, Legal Experts, Compliance Officers, etc. These sectors need a large pool of specialists and professionals of all backgrounds to keep growing. 

The rapid adoption of blockchain technology globally means that it is still early to prepare and position yourself for the upcoming bull market.  EkoLance gives you access to in-demand training from industry experts, workshops, mentorship sessions, and global job opportunities to pursue careers beyond the shores of Africa.

Image depicting a young African blockchain professional excited about his earnings.
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High-Paying Web3 Jobs For African Professionals

As an African professional in blockchain, your skills can provide you with an advantage over your peers. But this is possible if you look in the right direction. These top 10 highest-paying Web3 jobs aren't just about big paychecks; they represent the forefront of shaping the future. They include;

1. Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CIO)

The highest-paying job of 2024 is the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CIO). These AI visionaries lead organizations into the future with AI-driven strategies. CIOs command an average salary of  $180,000 in the U.S. and $60,000 in India.

2. Product Managers

Product Managers emerge as visionaries behind successful products. Web3 giants like Roblox and Ripple actively seek exceptional product managers, recognizing their pivotal role. Product managers earn an average of $170,000 in the U.S.

3. Blockchain Developers

Blockchain developers create secure and transparent digital ledgers. Companies like Coinbase, Binance, and others actively seek their expertise. In the U.S., blockchain developers earn around $145,000, while in India, it's approximately $35,000.

4. Machine Learning Engineers

Machine Learning Engineers build and deploy intelligent systems, influencing Web3 companies like Akasa. With exponential growth in machine learning, these engineers earn an average of $155,000 in the U.S. and $40,000 in India.

5. Smart Contract Developer

The efficient functioning and growth of Web3 ecosystems heavily rely on developers. Smart Contract Developers, with their profound understanding of various blockchain frameworks, are in high demand. They are responsible for creating digital representations of contracts and identifying the ideal platform for specific operations. Skilled Smart Contract Developers earn between $66,000 and $104,000 annually in base pay.

6. Content Creator

Generating content stands as an excellent approach to capturing interest in Web3. This versatile job encompasses writing, podcasting, developing visual content like graphics and videos, and more. The typical salary for a Web3 Content Creator ranges from $30,000 to $120,000.

7. UI And Front-end Developer

The proficiency of users in navigating platforms like NFTs and the Metaverse signals a skilled creator. Frontend and UI developers play a crucial role in making websites user-friendly, accessible, interoperable, and reliable. On average, a UI and Front-end Developer earns an annual income of $100,000 per annum.

8. Web3 Community and Social Media Manager

Community and Social Media Management emerges as a lucrative profession in the Web3 landscape. They oversee the communities and online presence of both established and emerging Web3 businesses. Their responsibilities include monitoring interactions, organizing virtual events, and engaging with the community members and target audience. Salaries for Social Media Managers typically range from $50,000 to $80,000 per year.

9. UI/UX Designer

Ensuring the aesthetic appeal of a website is vital, and the UI/UX Designer is tasked with this responsibility. From colour schemes to design preferences, they focus on creating layouts and interfaces that offer an optimal user experience. The annual income for UI/UX Designers averages around $150,000.

10. Research Analyst

Maximizing profit is a primary objective for any business endeavor, and Research Analysts play a key role in this pursuit. They utilize mathematical, statistical, and analytical models to uncover trends indicating commercial prospects. Given their essential role in a company's marketing strategy, research analysts are in high demand, with an average annual salary exceeding $60,000.

How can African Professionals Advance Their Web3 Career?

Image depicting young African female blockchain professionals searching for advanced courses to improve their skills.

1. Set Clear Career Goals

Envision where you want to be in a decade, considering your current career stage. Create a career map with your ultimate goal. Identify the steps needed to be taken. Write it down, along with the date. List the positions and roles integral to your journey. Also, self-assessment will help you align your goals with your current capabilities and chart a realistic path for advancement.

2. Collaborate on Impactful Projects

Consider collaborating on projects that have a positive impact on communities. Projects involving supply chain transparency, identity management, and financial inclusion are particularly relevant in the African context.

Hackathons and developer competitions are excellent for showcasing your skills, connecting with like-minded individuals, and advancing your blockchain career.  techFiesta is an example of an online hackathon platform where you can participate in hackathons, developer challenges, and crowd tasks. This helps you gain more hands-on experience and you get to earn stablecoins, get jobs and grant opportunities, and explore entrepreneurship. 

Also contributing to open-source projects can be a valuable experience and may lead to job opportunities. collaborative efforts not only enhance your portfolio but also contribute to the growth of blockchain solutions in the region.

3. Invest in Continuous Learning 

If you desire growth in your career, understand that great career opportunities require advanced qualifications. EkoLance offers comprehensive programs for both non-tech and tech professions, providing opportunities to actively contribute to Web3 projects and gain practical experience.

What makes EkoLance particularly appealing for career advancement is the opportunity to be hired by big international blockchain companies upon completion of the training programs. Through our online hackathon platform, techFiesta, you have an opportunity to get hands-on experience working with international companies.

Other online learning platforms are Coursera, Udemy, ConsenSys Academy, etc. They offer a wide range of courses for those looking to enhance their skill set and seize opportunities in the evolving blockchain landscape. These certifications validate your expertise and demonstrate a commitment to staying current in this rapidly evolving industry.

4. Enhance your CV/Resume

Treat your resume as your professional marketing brochure. Your resume is not just a mere document. It’s a powerful tool to showcase your expertise. Employers are drawn to candidates who not only understand the theoretical aspects of blockchain but have applied that knowledge to solve practical problems. 

How to Enhance Resume in the Web3 Industry;

  • Showcase Web3 Skills: Your resume should have a dedicated section that highlights your proficiency in Web3-related skills. 

  • Project Highlights: Create a section that provides an in-depth exploration of your involvement in relevant Web3 projects. 

  • Certifications Showcase: Include certifications in blockchain development if you are a developer. If you are not, also showcase the certifications relevant to your niche.  This not only validates your expertise but also assures employers of your dedication to staying abreast of industry advancements.

  • Tailor for Relevance: Customize your resume for each application by emphasizing experiences and skills most relevant to the job you're applying for.

5. Elevate your Interview Skills

Given the heightened competition at a senior level, investing in interview skills becomes a critical component in advancing your blockchain career. You are increasingly being assessed not only on your technical expertise but also on your ability to communicate effectively and showcase your leadership potential. 

Here are 7 ways you can stand out and impress employers during interviews;

  • Understand the company's mission: Research the company's mission, values, and culture to ensure your skills and experiences align with their needs. Show your passion for Web3 as having a deep knowledge demonstrates your commitment.

  • Showcase Your Experience: Highlight your hands-on experience. Discuss challenges faced, solutions provided, and the impact on the project's success.

  • Stay Updated on Industry Trends: Keep abreast of the latest trends, protocols, and innovations. This not only demonstrates your passion but also your adaptability to change.

  • Understand the Business Impact: Relate your Web3 expertise to business outcomes. Discuss how your contributions can enhance efficiency, security, or user experience, showcasing a holistic understanding of the industry.

  • Discuss your Problem-Solving Skills: Share instances where you've tackled problems, emphasizing your analytical and creative problem-solving skills.

  • Ask Intelligent Questions: Interviews are a two-way street. Ask thoughtful questions about the company's Web3 projects, their challenges, and how your role fits into their broader goals.

  • Highlight Collaborative Experience: Web3 projects often involve teamwork. Discuss your experience collaborating with diverse teams and your ability to contribute effectively to a collective goal.

6. Build Relationships

If you want to advance your Web3 career, you must learn to strengthen relationships with your peers and potential employers in the blockchain space. Here are ways to build key relationships:

  • Collaborative Innovation with Peers: Actively engage with your colleagues and fellow professionals on LinkedIn, Twitter, and relevant blockchain projects, exchange ideas, and contribute your skills to create innovative solutions. 

  • Join Blockchain Communities: Attend meetups, conferences, and webinars to connect with like-minded professionals. These interactions provide opportunities to share knowledge.

  • Participate in Industry Initiatives: Actively participate in industry initiatives and consortiums related to blockchain. This involvement not only allows you to contribute to the growth and standardization of the industry but also provides exposure to influential figures. 

7. Mentorship and Knowledge Sharing

As an experienced blockchain professional, consider giving back to the community by mentoring aspiring talents. Engage in knowledge-sharing initiatives, whether through speaking at events, writing articles, or contributing to open-source projects. By sharing your expertise, you not only contribute to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem but also enhance your professional standing, positioning you for bigger opportunities.

Where Can African Professionals Get Remote Job Opportunities in Web3?

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks with more than 810 million users and continues to grow each day. It is an excellent platform to discover and connect with quality leads and clients. With the high demand for Web3 professionals on LinkedIn, knowing how to connect with potential clients, build relationships, and showcase your skills and expertise is a competitive advantage. Here are tips you can take advantage of the global job market and increase your income.

  • Understand Your Ideal Client: This is your compass in the Web3 world! Define who your ideal client is and align with their needs and pain points. It's all about tailored solutions.

  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile: Your profile is like your digital calling card! Use a professional photo, a keyword-rich headline, and a captivating header image. Make that first impression count.

  • Craft a Detailed Summary: Tell your story and highlight your expertise. Focus on conveying your value proposition and solving clients' problems. Keywords matter for visibility!

  • Join LinkedIn Groups: Connect with your ideal clients! Seek and join relevant groups, engage in discussions, and showcase your dedication to skill improvement. Build your reputation and connections.

  • Create Relevant Content: Be the expert! Share your knowledge through blogs, e-books, or videos. Demonstrating your expertise builds credibility and trust, making high-paying clients more likely to choose you.

2. Discord

Join Web3-focused Discord communities and servers, dedicated to specific projects, cryptocurrencies, or blockchain technologies. These platforms often have dedicated job boards or channels where companies post job openings, freelancing gigs, and collaboration opportunities.

3. Online Hackathon Platforms

An example of an online hackathon platform is techFiesta. At techFiesta, you can participate in hackathons, developer challenges, and crowd tasks. This helps you gain more hands-on experience and lots of opportunities to earn stablecoins, get high-paying jobs from international companies, and have a high chance of getting grants to explore entrepreneurship. Regardless of your technical background, you will have access to an extensive range of job opportunities on techFiesta. 

4. Web3 Job Sites

Navigating job sites can present its own set of challenges. We have simplified this process by curating 5 platforms dedicated to discovering Web3 job opportunities beyond the shores of Africa. These websites are specifically tailored for roles in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3, streamlining your search and enabling you to concentrate on jobs that align with your preferences.

5. Twitter

Follow hashtags like #Web3, #Blockchain, and #CryptoJobs to discover job postings and networking opportunities in the Web3 industry. Participate in Twitter spaces, engage with industry leaders, and share your insights to increase visibility and connect with potential employers.


The key to advancing your career as an African blockchain professional is to be fit for global opportunities. Career progression involves tough choices, discipline, and trade-offs. Each step up comes with increased expectations and standards. Embrace the discomfort, continually push your boundaries, and stay motivated. Remember, the blockchain landscape is booming and evolving, so staying adaptable and continuously learning will be crucial for success.

At EkoLance, we are committed to helping you advance your career by helping you position strategically for the global job market. That's why we organize training and mentorship programs where you can build your Web3 careers. Our trainers are not just experienced but also have a proven track record of success in the blockchain space. They provide invaluable insights and guidance, sharing their experience and knowledge to help you develop your skills and build your career. 

EkoLance also built techFiesta; an online hackathon platform where you can participate in hackathons, developer challenges, and crowd tasks. This helps you gain more hands-on experience and lots of opportunities for high-paying jobs and entrepreneurship.

About EkoLance

EkoLance revolutionizes the future of work by empowering professionals in Web2 and the blockchain industry. EkoLance has two products: an educational platform with training programs for upskilling in the blockchain space and a developer activation platform called techFiesta, where companies launch hackathons and developer challenges. EkoLance has a community of over 8,000 blockchain professionals.

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