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Breaking New Ground: Highlights From EkoLance’s Q2 Community Meeting

Image depicting details of the EkoLance community call in June.

At EkoLance, we recently held our Q2 Community Meeting to discuss our latest achievements and plans for the future and how we are breaking new ground in the blockchain industry. The meeting showcased our commitment to upskilling Web2 professionals to work in Web3, monthly guide, along with our newly launched website, past and ongoing training opportunities. Attendees also got a sneak peek of our mentorship program, upcoming hackathon platform with HUMAN Protocol on techFiesta, the first block chain powered hackathon platform and lots more.

In this article, we covered the highlights from the meeting and explored how EkoLance is making strides in this exciting industry. Let’s dive in:

EkoLance’s Impact as an Educational Platform For Web3 Professionals

EkoLance boasts 750+ trained Web3 professionals, a talent pool of over 4250 professionals, and about 50,000 blockchain professionals reached through our partners all over the globe. So far, we have launched six training programs to help blockchain professionals upskill and develop their expertise. The programs include:

EkoLance Upskills Web2 Professionals to Work in Web3

With the rise of blockchain technology, many Web2 professionals are looking to upskill and pivot their careers toward this emerging field. We help these professionals transition into Web3 successfully by providing them with the necessary resources and equipping them with the right skills to start working in the blockchain industry. Here is what the process looks like:

  • We source Web2 talents from blockchain hubs, tech hubs, universities, and from over 35+ community partners we have in the African continent, Turkey and LATAM.

  • We accept the best professionals through an application process where we pick the best professionals with previous experience in Web2, either technical or non-technical.

  • We train the accepted professionals on either technical skills ( Solidity Development or Smart Contract Auditing) or non-technical skills (Token Researching, Content Creation, Community Management, Web3 Marketing, and Sales). The skills each talent settles for depend on their interest and strength.

  • After the training, we provide work opportunities for these professionals. We achieve this through partnerships with blockchain companies. We connect them with internship opportunities, entry-level positions, or even senior-level roles based on their experience and skill level.

Ongoing Marketing In Web3 Training Program by EkoLance

Image depicting details of the EkoLance marketing in Web3 training for digital entrepreneurs.

EkoLance is committed to providing top-notch training programs for blockchain professionals, and our current ongoing program is the Web3 in marketing training. This program was launched on the 7th June, 2023 for individuals seeking to improve their marketing skills in the blockchain ecosystem.

Web3 marketing specialists focus on promoting blockchain projects, decentralized applications, and cryptocurrencies to a wider audience. They develop marketing strategies by working with blockchain content creation and web3 community managers to execute campaigns; driving user adoption and awareness. Marketers in Web3 leverage social media, influencer partnerships, and community engagement to establish a strong brand presence in the Web3 landscape.

We have over 50 participants in this cohort-based online program and 7 trainers taking each session. During the summer, we will be launching an on-demand pre-recorded course for everyone who was not able to participate in the live training but will love to take the course.

EkoLance Has Launched A New Website

Image depicting details of the EkoLance can advance your Web3 career through their newly launched website.

EkoLance has unveiled its stunning new website, designed with an impeccable user experience that captures the essence of our achievements and offerings. With this launch, we proudly showcase our commitment to equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills required for a thriving career in the blockchain industry.

Explore our platform to discover a wealth of skill-training opportunities tailored to your preferred path in Web3. As a trusted partner of global tech companies, we are dedicated to connecting you with exciting career prospects from our talented pool of candidates. Let us guide you on the path to building a successful and impactful Web3 journey.

techFiesta: Upcoming Hackathon With HUMAN Protocol

Image depicting details of the techFiesta upcoming hackathon with Human protocol.

Join the upcoming HUMAN Hackathon, organized by HUMAN Protocol and EkoLance. This hackathon will take place virtually on techFiesta, the first blockchain powered hackathon platform built by EkoLance in cooperation with HUMAN Protocol. You will have the opportunity to showcase your innovations and build upon the HUMAN Protocol. With two intriguing problem statements to choose from or the option to tackle both, this online hackathon offers an ideal platform for builders, developers, and tech enthusiasts. Winners will receive a generous reward of $1000 USD in USDC stable coins directly to their wallets, while all participants who submit a project will be rewarded with an exclusive NFT as proof of their valuable contribution. Powered by EkoLance, the event also provides access to learning events designed to enhance your hackathon skills and knowledge. Mark your calendars for the 20th of July and click here to register for this exciting hackathon, where your creativity and talent can shine.

To read our recent guide on the top reasons why you should participate in hackathons, click here.

You can join techFiesta's waitlist either as a company or participant. Be one of the first companies to take advantage of a new revolutionary blockchain powered hackathon platform OR join as a participant and participate in hackathons with innovative blockchain companies.

Insights from a Seasoned Winner: Unleashing Hackathon Success

Image depicting details of EkoLance zoom second edition on how to win a hackathon.

Gain exclusive insights and strategies for hackathon success in our power-packed Zoom session featuring Abena, a seasoned hackathon champion. Abena shared invaluable tips and techniques that propelled her to victory in past hackathons. Participants had the opportunity to dive into advanced approaches, harnessing the limitless potential of blockchain technology, and fostering collaboration for groundbreaking innovations. This session provided a platform for interactive Q&A, enabling participants to receive real-time answers from an industry expert. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from the best! Click here to catch the full recording of the session on our YouTube channel and accelerate your hackathon journey with Abena's expertise.

EkoLance Impact Report for Q2 2023

Image depicting details of EkoLance’s impact report for Q2 2023.

EkoLance is not only empowering individuals but also promoting gender equality and reducing inequalities by offering equal training opportunities to all. This is especially important in a male-dominated industry where women often struggle to gain recognition and opportunities.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and provide a better future for people who may not have the same opportunities as others. In this impact report, we shared the progress we have made towards achieving 5 SDG goals in Q2 2023.

Thanks to the support and dedication of our sponsors. We were able to make this significant impact in our community in Q2, 2023 because of their continuous support. Our programs and services have improved the lives of hundreds of professionals, and we are committed to continuing our work to ensure that people from emerging countries have access to quality education, resources, and better opportunities.

Click here to reach out to us to become a partner and contribute in sponsoring our training sessions.

Mentorship Program For Blockchain Professionals

Image depicting details of the EkoLance mentorship program.

EkoLance launched a Mentorship Program a few months back for blockchain professionals. This program was designed to provide guidance and support to those who want to improve their skills and knowledge in the blockchain industry.

The Mentorship Program offers a great opportunity for professionals to be guided by experienced mentors through their career journey. The program is available to both experienced and new blockchain professionals, and it offers tailored guidance to help them navigate the challenges they face in the blockchain space. These mentors were carefully selected to ensure that they have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to help mentees succeed.

The Mentorship Program covers a wide range of topics, including metaverse, Web3 development, Web3 taxation and regulation, blockchain recruitment, product development, and product management. Our mentorship program for Q1 has ended and that of Q2 has commenced, click here to apply.

Monthly Guides To Help Blockchain Professionals in their Career Journey

We are committed to helping blockchain professionals in their career journeys, which is why we launched our monthly guides. We understand that the blockchain industry is rapidly growing and constantly evolving, which can make it challenging for professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. These monthly guides are designed to provide valuable information that helps professionals enhance their skills, find new opportunities, and achieve their career goals.

Above are the 6 guides we have written from January to June.

You can download using the links below:

Guide 1 -

Guide 2 -

Guide 3 -

Guide 4 -

Guide 5 -

Guide 6 -

EkoLance Weekly Community Call on Discord

EkoLance hosts a weekly community call on Discord every Friday at 8 PM WAT / 9 PM CET, where our community members can connect and share their experiences in the blockchain industry. The call provides a platform for them to network, ask questions, and learn from others in the community. This weekly event is organized by our Community Manager and it's an excellent opportunity for blockchain professionals to expand their knowledge.


EkoLance is committed to providing top-notch training programs for blockchain professionals that will help them stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving blockchain industry. The launch of our Marketing in Web3 Training is just one of the many training programs we offer. Our focus on providing high-quality training programs has earned us a reputation as a leading blockchain training provider.

The training program is not only beneficial to individuals but also to blockchain companies that are looking to hire top blockchain talents. As the blockchain industry continues to grow, the demand for blockchain professionals is also increasing. With our training programs, firms can be assured of hiring professionals that have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the blockchain industry.

At EkoLance, we believe that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the world, and we are dedicated to training professionals to help them contribute to this revolution.

Join us today and take your blockchain career to the next level!

For partnerships, sponsorships, and inquiries about our training programs and recruitment services for Web3 brands, reach out to us via email here.

About EkoLance

EkoLance is a skill-training and recruitment company that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the specific requirements of your preferred career in the blockchain industry. In addition to providing skill training, we partner with global tech companies in finding and hiring qualified candidates from our talent pool.

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