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EkoLance’s Year of Growth: Highlights of Notable Achievement in 2023

2023 was a year of growth for EkoLance. A year where our efforts blossomed, paving the way for substantial progress and setting the stage for even greater achievements ahead.

Image depicting details of the EkoLance achievements, collaborations, and partnerships in 2023

EkoLance was founded in 2022 to make the web3 industry more diverse by growing a network of high-quality professionals from emerging countries and offering blockchain companies exceptional training and recruitment services. While this is still a part of our vision, we grew significantly in 2023.


EkoLance now manages two products: an educational platform with training programs for upskilling in the blockchain space and a developer activation platform called techFiesta, where companies launch hackathons and developer challenges. Our goal is to revolutionize the future of work by empowering professionals in Web2 and the blockchain industry and providing them with remote and online job opportunities. 

In 2023, we achieved significant milestones. These accomplishments include;

  • Launched our platform techFiesta 

  • 1 grant awarded by Concordium

  • 5000+ trained Web3 professionals

  • 100+ trainings and seminars

  • 6K+ professionals in the talent pool 

  • 8000+ community members

  • 50,000 blockchain professionals reached 

  • 13+ techFiestas with top blockchain companies

  • 106 projects built during techFiestas

  • 5000+ hackers onboarded

  • $120K paid in bounties.

Additionally, our commitment to empowerment has seen us align with over 10 esteemed thought leaders within the Web3 space, helping our community members unleash their potential with expert mentorship. These collaborations elevated our community members' potential and helped them advance their careers with unparalleled guidance and insights.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to 8000+ community members and over 13 partners. Your invaluable support and collaboration have been instrumental in our journey, and we are thrilled to celebrate these successes with all of you. Let's delve into the details of our 2023 triumphs.

Web3 Training Programs For Professionals

In 2023, EkoLance launched Web3 training programs, specifically designed to equip professionals with vital skills for the Web3 sector. These programs were also tailored for those already in the industry, aiming to advance their skills.

This year marked a significant leap in our commitment to disseminating knowledge. We achieved a remarkable milestone by conducting over 100 training sessions and webinars. These initiatives have nurtured over 5000 Web3 experts, contributing to a growing talent pool that now exceeds 6,000 professionals. The educative series can be found on the techFiesta Youtube channel and the other trainings include:

  • First and Second Cohort of Smart Contract Audit Training: Both trainings attracted over 75 participants, guided by expert trainers. It was designed to cater to professionals who want to hone their skills in Solidity development and become proficient and certified Smart Contract Auditors so they could contribute to the overall security of decentralized applications. In the end, 30% of professionals got hired after the 10-week training program. 

  • Token Researcher & DeFi Analyst Training: This 10-week training program attracted over 70 participants, with corporate partners who provided speaker sessions. It was designed for professionals who want to learn how to evaluate tokens and digital assets based on their fundamental value, tokenomics design, and sustainability.

  • Marketing in Web3: With over 50 participants guided by expert trainers, this program enabled participants to develop expertise in crafting marketing strategies and collaborating with blockchain content creators and Web3 community managers to execute impactful campaigns that drive user adoption and awareness.

For 2024, we're set to expand our offerings with more in-demand Web3 training courses. We aim to widen access to advanced learning in this rapidly evolving field, fostering an environment rich in skill development. This approach is designed to stay in step with the swiftly changing landscape of the blockchain industry, ensuring that our courses continue to be both pertinent and beneficial.

The Launch of techFiesta

Image depicting details on techFiesta home page

We officially launched techFiesta in July 2023. techFiesta is a developer activation platform where companies launch hackathons and developer challenges. This platform provides an immersive and collaborative environment for developers and technology enthusiasts globally. 

Five months after our successful inaugural hackathon in collaboration with HUMAN Protocol, we have since organized more than 13 developer-focused events, partnering with leading companies in the blockchain sector. The goal was to address the challenges that have hindered the traditional model and unlock a world of opportunities for developers.

Before the advent of techFiesta, companies seeking professionals had to manually launch jobs, assess the work, and report results to us. This cumbersome approach resulted in payment delays, insufficient support, and limited resources. With techFiesta, developers now have access to on-chain bounty payment with or without an escrow account, automated notification of all participants when a hackathon launches, a client dashboard with all relevant KPIs such as number of participants and submissions, as well as project scoring. Developers can now expect fast and automatic payments while gaining exposure to a diverse range of projects, grants, collaborations, and the chance to enhance their skills and reputation within the industry. 

By solving the existing challenges, techFiesta is set to reignite the excitement and passion for hackathons and other developer events, transforming them into truly productive and rewarding experiences.

In just six months, techFiesta has experienced significant growth and achieved the following notable results:

  • 13+ techFiestas with top blockchain companies

  • 106+ projects built 

  • 5000+ hackers onboarded

  • $120K paid in bounties

In November 2023, techFiesta upgraded version was launched, featuring DJ techFiesta and a significantly improved user interface.

About  DJ techFiesta

This new persona symbolizes our platform’s ethos of blending hard-core tech hacking with a celebration at the end. techFiesta is committed to giving developers a hacking experience mixed with fun. While the ‘tech’ signifies our dedication to hacking and coding, ‘Fiesta’ embodies the lively and fun vibes that follow every developer challenge and hackathon. The inspiration behind the upgrade stemmed from a profound dedication to community-driven enhancement.

Partnerships With Top Blockchain Companies

EkoLance forged partnerships with over 13 top blockchain companies, collaborating to organize events for developers on techFiesta. Below are the details of each techFiesta organized:

HUMAN Protocol: The HUMAN hackathon was our first techFiesta that attracted over 150 participants with 1 winning team creating an SDK that integrates pivotal open-source tools.

Celo and Bunzz: The Celo Foundation and Bunzz techFiesta event brought together over 300 developers from Africa, competing for a $5000 prize. Out of the captivating 11 pitches, the panel of judges picked 5 winners who truly stood out among the rest.


Gnosis Chain: This exciting techFiesta event had 18 innovative project submissions for a $2000 bounty.  Among these projects, 3 outstanding projects emerged as winners by building innovative solutions on the Gnosis chain, an EVM-compatible Layer-1 blockchain.

SwissTronik: This protocol hosted two developer challenges. The developer challenges had over 120 participants and the winners shared a prize pool of $800.

TóróNet: ToroNet techFiesta attracted 56 participants, all vying for a significant $18,000 bounty and 5 winning projects.

THE HUB: This techFiesta was focused on Metaverse Innovation. It brought together talented hackers and 1 winner emerged. The HUB DAO is a platform designed for investors, builders, brands, and creators to navigate the ever-evolving virtual world seamlessly.

European Blockchain Convention: The EBC inaugural hackathon was hosted on techFiesta. A physical event with over 200 hackers, 20 mentors, and 50 teams. 21 projects were submitted by hackers on techFiesta and 10 winning projects were picked and were rewarded from the prize pool of $60,000. 

Concordium: The Concordium developer challenge saw 51 skilled participants with 4 winners who won from a pool of $1250. They exemplify outstanding skills in Rust programming language and smart contract development on Concordium.

Haven1: This techFiesta was a Developer Challenge that attracted 41 participants, all competing for a $500 bounty. 10 winners emerged.

Aleph Zero: The Aleph Zero techFiesta attracted over 20 participants and awarded 3 winners from a prize pool of $3500. This hackathon was a beacon for creators seeking to solve real-world challenges and redefine the development landscape within the Aleph Zero ecosystem. 

EkoLance’s Presence in Large Blockchain Events and Conferences

In 2023, EkoLance participated in a wide range of esteemed blockchain events and conferences. We would like to highlight three particularly influential gatherings:

An image of the CEO of EkoLance live at a panel session of the EBC 2023
Maria Eneva-Olms on the stage with other panel members

1. EkoLance was live in Barcelona, Spain for the 9th edition of the European Blockchain Convention, the most influential blockchain event in Europe. Maria Eneva-Olms, the CEO of EkoLance, represented the company at the event. She participated in two panel sessions where she shared her deep knowledge about the finance sector. Maria focused on the crucial aspects of security and privacy in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and shed light on the DeFi trends of tomorrow.

We also managed the first edition of the European Blockchain Convention (EBC) hackathon. techFiesta served as the infrastructure platform for the hackathon where the hackers viewed all hackathon details and submitted their projects. 

At the same time, the hackathon sponsors reviewed the submissions and all hackathon KPIs on their techFiesta dashboard. 

2. EkoLance was present at DevConnect Istanbul. 

An image of the CEO of EkoLace pitching EkoLance at the DevConnet conference
Maria Eneva-Olms at Istanbul for DevConnect

Devconnect brought together a series of independent Ethereum events over a week, fostering learning, collaboration, and collective advancement. We were represented by our CEO and Founder, Maria Eneva-Olms, who pitched EkoLance to potential investors. The event served as a hub for networking and collaboration that drives innovation, reaffirming our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry developments.

3. In September, EkoLance was present at DAPPCON23 hosted by Gnosis Chain; one of the first Ethereum sidechains that has stayed true to its values. For this event, our founder and CEO, Maria Eneva-Olms, represented us. She connected with numerous companies and explored potential partnerships.

Concordium Grant

EkoLance received a grant from Concordium to enable privacy-preserving user verification processes and introduce a talent ranking system on techFiesta.

The Concordium grant entails two key enhancements — integration of Concordium’s identification feature and the introduction of Soul-bound Tokens (SBTs). This idea will enable hackers on techFiesta to undergo streamlined identity verification on the Concordium blockchain, replacing manual processes.

EkoLance is building a future where excellence is not just a goal, but the standard, with a strategic progression that aligns with the ethos of ensuring the best for Web3 professionals and clients. This grant unfolds new horizons for both the EkoLance ecosystem and the entire Web3 industry. 


Reflecting on the past year, our journey stands as a testament to our commitment to leadership, innovation, and empowering the global blockchain community. As we close this remarkable chapter, our achievements highlight our dedication to delivering top-tier training, building strategic partnerships, and advancing Web3 technology. We've charted new territories, expanded our influence, and enriched our ecosystem with a diverse range of talents.

In 2024, EkoLance is poised to unveil a series of sought-after training courses, significantly enhancing the scope of our blockchain education offerings. Our approach is strategically aligned to foster a robust learning environment in the blockchain space. Alongside this educational expansion, we are poised to actively partner with a wide range of blockchain companies, who can launch their challenges and tasks on techFiesta. They can engage with our large pool of blockchain professionals and collaborate on different work assignments. These collaborations are integral to cultivating a vibrant ecosystem for innovation and knowledge exchange within the Web3 industry.

Lastly, we have begun engaging with investors for fundraising, laying the groundwork for further growth and innovation. If you are interested in being part of this innovative journey and wish to invest in EkoLance, reach out to us here.

How You Can Help the EkoLance Community to Grow

Your support is highly welcomed at EkoLance.

Join us today and take your blockchain career to the next level!


For partnerships, sponsorships, and inquiries about our training programs, recruitment services, and our developer activation platform, reach out to us via email here.

About EkoLance

EkoLance revolutionizes the future of work by empowering professionals in Web2 and the blockchain industry. EkoLance has two products: an educational platform with training programs for upskilling in the blockchain space and a developer activation platform called techFiesta, where companies launch hackathons and developer challenges. EkoLance has a community of over 8,000 blockchain professionals.

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