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Highlights From EkoLance’s October Community Call

Image depicting details of the EkoLance community call in October.

EkoLance's October Community Call was held on the 30th of October, and it was filled with exciting updates. From our ongoing training to concluded hackathons and challenges. The community meeting featured discussions about the ongoing The HUB and ToroNet hackathon and our mentorship program to help Web3 professionals succeed in their careers.

We also shared updates about our helpful Developers Tea Chat, monthly guides, and weekly community Discord calls. In this article, we'll highlight the key takeaways from the call and provide insight into the latest developments at EkoLance and techFiesta.

EkoLance’s Impact as an Educational Platform For Aspiring Web3 Professionals

EkoLance boasts 2000+ trained Web3 professionals, a talent pool of over 4250 professionals, a community of over 8000, and about 50,000 blockchain professionals reached through our partners all over the globe. With its developer activation platform called techFiesta, companies have been able to launch over 10 developer events with top blockchain protocols, 60+ projects have been built and over $65K has been paid in bounties.

So far, we have launched six training programs to help blockchain professionals upskill and develop their expertise. The programs include

Ongoing: Smart Contract Audit Training

Image depicting details of the EkoLance ongoing Smart Contract Auditing course.

Our Smart Contract Audit Training Program started 9 weeks ago and it has been a fun and impactful journey so far. The professionals have covered over 8 topics and had their 9th session recently where they learned about ‘Regulatory considerations when auditing smart contracts’. This program is designed to empower Solidity developers, helping them hone their skills, and become proficient and certified Smart Contract Auditors.

The ongoing Smart Contract Audit Training is on track to achieve its primary objective: educating participants on the best practices for auditing smart contracts so they can contribute to the overall security of decentralized applications. The training officially commenced on the 5th of September, 2023, and the sessions are held every Tuesday at 6 pm CET, spanning over a comprehensive 10-week duration.

The training program is led by seasoned professionals in Smart Contract Security, with extensive experience in conducting audits for prominent blockchain companies. Their wealth of knowledge and guidance ensures that participants receive top-notch training and invaluable insights, equipping them to effectively secure the blockchain ecosystem.

As this training program continues, it promises to be a pivotal resource for all Solidity Developers and aspiring Smart Contract Auditors.

Concluded Hackathon and Challenges in October

1. Swisstronik Developer Challenge

Image depicting details of the Swisstronik Developer Challenge

The recently concluded Swisstronik Developer Challenges on techFiesta, took place from September 26 to October 11, 2023. The event was conducted in two separate phases within two weeks on the techFiesta platform.

For the first phase, 10 participants emerged as top winners, distinguishing themselves through exceptional skill and innovation. In acknowledgment of their outstanding contributions, Swisstronik rewarded each winner with a prize of $30.The second challenge heralded the emergence of 5 exceptional developers, each claiming a $50 prize for their extraordinary coding dexterity and innovation.

The Swisstronik Developer Challenge on techFiesta marked a striking achievement, drawing in over 120 enthusiastic participants and leading to more than 65 submissions. This event did more than highlight the participants' technical prowess; It was a resounding success that mirrored innovation and creativity by adept developers globally. Click here to get the full details in a press release.

2. European Blockchain Convention (EBC) Hack'A Thon

Image depicting hackers at the onsite EBC Hack'A Thon.

techFiesta; EkoLance’s developer activation platform was used to manage the first edition of the European Blockchain Convention (EBC) hackathon. This is the first onsite hackathon hosted on techFiesta. It took place in Barcelona, Spain during the 9th edition of EBC, the most influential blockchain event in Europe. The event kicked off on October 24 till October 26, 2023, and the hackathon attracted over 200 hackers, 20 mentors, and 50 teams.

The theme of the hackathon is "Hack'A Thon", focusing on blockchain, crypto, DeFi, Web3, NFTs, Gaming, and the metaverse industry, presenting an opportunity for hackers to win prizes of up to €50,000. It offered an unparalleled opportunity for the participants to network, partake in enlightening EBC live sessions, embark on technical project development, and build lasting memories.

21 projects were submitted by the hackers on techFiesta. The projects have been reviewed and 10 winning projects were picked and they were rewarded from the prize pool of €50,000.

Ongoing THE HUB Hackathon

Image depicting details of the ongoing THE HUB Hackathon.

Exciting news for all tech enthusiasts and innovators! Currently, techFiesta is having an ongoing hackathon with THE HUB and the submission deadline is November 10, 2023.

THE HUB'S Metaverse Innovation Challenge offers hackers an opportunity to start their hacking adventure right away with a $3,000 prize awaiting innovative projects. Developers are meant to come up with solutions that can enhance the capabilities of Decentraland (DCL) and its avatar models, as well as the Metaverse Explorer/Valuation tool. There's no better time to showcase your skills and creativity

Seize this opportunity and invite your friends to join. Click here to register on the techFiesta platform and join the exciting ongoing and upcoming hackathons. Be a part of the hackathon revolution and take your Web3 journey to the next level!

ToroNet Hackathon Kick-Off Session

Image depicting details of the ToroNet Hackathon kick-off session

The entire techFiesta community witnessed another thrilling hackathon kick-off session with ToroNet, offering a bounty prize worth $18,000. The kickoff session took place on October 30th, 2023, with the ToroNet team gracing us with their presence.

Participants were equipped with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive throughout the hackathon. Hackers are required to design a draft concept of an application that solves a problem in their community. Also, develop the concept into smart contracts on Toronet and illustrate basically how the application would function to solve the problem.

You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to watch the recording of this session, Click here to visit our YouTube channel to catch up on all you have missed in the session. Register for the hackathon here.

Upcoming Aleph Zero Developer Training and Hackathon

Image depicting Aleph Zero Developer Training and Hackathon

Next on the line is a developer training and hackathon with Aleph Zero happening on techFiesta. Aleph Zero is a privacy-enhancing layer 1 blockchain, engineered for speed, achieving efficiencies akin to conventional web2 systems. It upholds rigorous standards for data privacy and transaction security while aiming for genuine decentralization over time.

In other to prepare for the hackathon, Aleph Zero is providing participants with guidance and mentorship through a couple of events before the actual hackathon begins. So, a developer training will take place on Zoom on the topic “How to Create Smart Contract With Ink”. ‘Ink is the language they use for their smart contracts. The guest speaker, Uladzislau Savenia, the Developer Relations Specialist at Aleph Zero, is all set to unravel the intricacies of this fascinating topic.

So if you’re a Rust or Solidity Developer, set your clocks for 7 PM WAT/CET on November 8th, 2023, and prepare to embark on an enlightening journey into the world of Smart Contracts. This session is your gateway to mastering the art of blockchain development, and it's an opportunity you won't want to miss! Click here to register. To participate in the hackathon, click here.

Upcoming Concorduim Developer Training and Hackathon

Image depicting Concorduim Developer Training and Hackathon

techFiesta has a partnership with Concordium, where there will be a training session and a developer challenge. The challenge is going to happen in November for one week, with 25 winners going home with $50 each. Before the challenge, participants will have the chance to learn the fundamentals of Rust and discover the art of launching smart contracts on Concordium.

Mark your calendars for November 10, 2023, at 10:30 AM WAT/CET, and get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in blockchain development. This is your chance to learn, earn, and excel in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape! Click here to register.

More Upcoming Hackathons In November

Image depicting upcoming hackathons on techFiesta in the month of October

MMM Zanzibar hackathon: Introducing the Music Makes Me Move (MMM) Hackathon – an extraordinary fusion of technology and music, unlike any event you've experienced before. This unique hackathon isn't just about coding and innovation; it's a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and unbridled passion for both technology and music.

Happening live at Zanzibar, this hackathon will be a hybrid hackathon event hosted on techFiesta where hackers will submit their projects ands sponsors will evaluate the hackathon KPIs. Participants who can’t make it to the live event also have a chance to submit online. During the event, there will be a music festival happening alongside the hackathon with 10 DJs from around the world playing music. It sure promises to be fun! Review more details about this hackathon here and anticipate the kick-off session on the 26th of November.

We also have the Aleph Zero Hackathon coming up on techFiesta, it is scheduled to start on November 27th, 2023. Rewards/Bounties (in USDC )include:

  • 2000 for first place

  • 1000 for second place

  • 500 for third place

For further information about the hackathon and how you can register, click here.

How To Win Hackathon

So, we have talked a lot about hackathon, but how can we actually win them? Gain exclusive insights and strategies for hackathon success in our power-packed Zoom sessions series that features seasoned hackathon champions. The speakers all shared invaluable tips and techniques that propelled them to victory in past hackathons. In one of the sessions with Sunny Jiang, the founder & CEO of MaasVentures, she shared how you can make a successful startup out of your hackathon project.

Participants had an opportunity to dive into advanced approaches, harnessing the limitless potential of blockchain technology, and fostering collaboration innovations. These sessions provided a platform for interactive Q&A, enabling participants to receive real-time answers from an industry expert. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from the best! Click here to watch all the sessions on our YouTube channel and accelerate your hackathon journey.

Click on the links below to watch all the available series on our Youtube channel and accelerate your hackathon journey.

Mentorship Program For Blockchain Professionals

The EkoLance Q4 Mentorship Program for all blockchain professionals is still ongoing. This program was designed to provide guidance and support to those who want to improve their skills and knowledge in the blockchain industry.

The Mentorship Program offers a great opportunity for professionals to be guided by experienced mentors through their career journey. The program is available to both experienced and blockchain professionals new to the space, and it offers tailored guidance to help you navigate the challenges you face in the blockchain space.

The Mentorship Program covers a wide range of topics, including metaverse, Web3 development, Web3 taxation and regulation, blockchain recruitment, product development, and product management. Click here to apply.

Monthly Guides (January - October)

We are committed to helping you grow in your career journey, which is why we launched our monthly guides. We understand that the blockchain industry is rapidly growing and constantly evolving, which can make it challenging for professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. These monthly guides are designed to provide valuable information that helps you enhance your skills, find new opportunities, and achieve your career goals.

You can download all the guides using the links below:

Guide 1 -

Guide 2 -

Guide 3 -

Guide 4 -

Guide 5 -

Guide 6 -

Guide 7 -

Guide 8

Guide 9

Guide 10

Developer Tea Chat

techFiesta is delighted to share another successful session of ‘Developers Tea Chat’ that was nothing short of enlightening. With Fifestarr, the esteemed Devrel Uni Captain, as our guide, we embarked on a thought-provoking exploration of "Life After Hackathon" within the dynamic X space.

The wisdom and insights shared were a wellspring of knowledge, offering a profound understanding of what lies beyond the hackathon journey. We invite you to join us virtually every Tuesday at 5 PM WAT / 6 PM CET for our Developer Tea chat series.

Weekly Community Call on Discord

EkoLance hosts a weekly community call on Discord every Friday at 8 PM WAT / 9 PM CET, where our community members can connect and share their experiences in the blockchain industry. The call provides a platform for you to network, ask questions, and learn from others in the community. This weekly event is organized by our Community Manager and it's an excellent opportunity for blockchain professionals to expand their knowledge.


EkoLance is committed to providing top-notch training programs for blockchain professionals that will help them stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving blockchain industry. The launch of our Smart Contract Audit Training is just one of the many training programs we offer. Our focus on providing high-quality training programs has earned us a reputation as a leading blockchain training provider.

Additionally, our innovative developer activation platform, techFiesta, serves as a launchpad for companies to host hackathons and developer challenges. With a thriving community of over 8,000 blockchain professionals, EkoLance is a catalyst for growth, setting the stage for professionals to redefine the future of work. We firmly believe in the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize our world, and we are dedicated to equipping professionals with the skills and knowledge to lead this transformative charge.

Join us today and take your blockchain career to the next level!

For partnerships, sponsorships, and inquiries about our training programs, recruitment services, and our hackathon platform, reach out to us via email here.

About EkoLance

EkoLance revolutionizes the future of work by empowering professionals in Web2 and the blockchain industry. EkoLance has two products: an educational platform with training programs for upskilling in the blockchain space and a developer activation platform called techFiesta, where companies launch hackathons and developer challenges. EkoLance has a community of over 8,000 blockchain professionals.

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